November Favourites

This month has been a bit dire for me. Remember the story about seven years of feast followed by seven years of famine? Well after the fun of the past few months this month definitely fell into the famine category. I haven’t really bought anything new this month and most days I’ve been feeling too down or unwell to wear much makeup. Be that as it may, I have a favourite from each category: one foundation, one shower/bath, one skincare, one hair care and one lip colour.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Foundation

My skin has taken a turn for the worse lately and I have needed more coverage than usual. I have been using the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Full Coverage Foundation nearly every day, and I’m even more impressed with it than I was when I first tried it out. Despite being thick and almost clay-like in consistency, it blends in so seamlessly and still manages to look like natural skin. Most importantly, it feels very comfortable to wear, isn’t drying, and not like something is sitting on your face. The coverage is excellent and it really lasts all day. I can’t really fault this foundation! Except for the fact it is seriously difficult to get hold of…

Lush Snow Fairy

LUSH Snow Fairy. The stuff of legends. I have always wanted to try Snow Fairy and finally got some as a very early Christmas gift. It smells exactly like candy floss and is such a mood-booster. Because it is limited for Christmas it also feels a bit special, so I’ve been rationing it, but it has definitely been my favourite shower time thing this month. R120 for 250g online.

Clinique Custom Repair Smart Serum

Clinique Custom Repair Smart Serum. When I first received this serum I used it religiously for a month but didn’t see a huge change in my skin because it was already looking its best (thanks to a Paula’s Choice treatment and serum I had been using prior). This month I starting using it again and saw a big improvement in my skin. It has a lovely smooth, hydrating texture and helps against a plethora of issues from dark spots to wrinkles to dullness, you name it. Just as I fell in love with it, it ran out and my skin started going downhill. At R700 for 30ml it is pricey, but I might just repurchase this when my ship comes in (last I heard, it was off the coast of Madagascar, so any week now…)

Chanel Glossimer Bliss

Chanel Levres Scintillantes Glossimer #181 Bliss has been my favourite lip product this month. I often start the day wearing a different lipstick, but as soon as it wears off I inevitably grab this stylish tube of gloss. This is probably because the colour is my idea of perfect. It’s not too pink, not too coral, not too peach, just a perfect combination of the three in a formula which isn’t sticky or tacky, not too bright or opaque, but not too sheer either. It feels so comfortable and moisturising on my lips and the colour goes with nearly everything. I think they are R420 at Chanel counters (but the price keeps changing)


This one isn’t glamorous or beauty-related, but I was so impressed with it that it deserves a mention. For the past few months my scalp has been really dry, itchy and flaky. Eventually I decided to attack with big guns, so I bought Denorex anti-dandruff shampoo. The bottle is boring and looks a bit medical, and the shampoo is a mucky brown colour (it contains coal tar) but it does an amazing job. From the first wash the flakiness around my hairline went away completely and hasn’t come back once this month. It also contains menthol and it leaves your head feeling the way your teeth do after you’ve brushed them…minty fresh and tingly. You only need to use it twice a week for two weeks, but since I ran out of silver shampoo and I’ve been  broke budgeting I have continued to use this. If you suffer from dry or flaky scalp then you should honestly try this out. R40 for 125ml at Clicks.






The Moo Reviews | Lush Luxury Pud

We’re counting down to Christmas, so the past, present and future Moo reviews (I couldn’t resist a Christmas Carol reference there!) are dedicated to limited edition festive season ballistics. This month it’s the Luxury Lush Pud. For the last two Moo Reviews you can click here and here.


 When you first put it in the water what did you think?

I loved it made the rainbow colours. And I can keep this leaf thing forever. (The leaf is the plastic holly embedded in the top of the ballistic).

What does this ballistic do?

It just makes a rainbow. Pink, blue, green and yellow. And it makes the water pink. Pink is my favourite colour.

How do you think it smells?

Like vanilla and strawberry ice cream with caramel. And candy. (This isn’t strictly true but let’s say scent is a personal experience and move on…I’ve put the official scent down below)

What was your favourite thing about this bath bomb?

Just the colours and the pink water. And this pudder (pronounced like pudding, apparently her nickname for this ballistic) is making my skin candy floss.

You are obsessed with sweets. Is there anything you would add to make it even better?

Lots and lots and lots of glitter and popping candy. And if I could play with it a long time.

I agree with all of that. Would you buy this one again? Or should I say, would you make me buy it again?

Uuum. No, no I want the Shooting Star one with the glitter. And the teddy bear one. I like this pudder though. Can we get all of them? Oh, and can we also get some Dragon’s Eggs?

We’ll see. Did it make you sleep nicely and feel calm?

Yes. I love relaxing in pink water. (This is a lie. She promptly developed verbal diarrhea, fidgeted all over the bath and refused to go to bed afterwards in favour of watching really stupid, loud YouTube videos. On the other hand, I wanted to get straight into bed, so I found it incredibly relaxing!)

Lush Luxury Pud

The Luxury Pud is meant to be a relaxing lavender ballistic with the same scent as Twilight (one of my favourites) which contains lavender oil, balsamic resin and tonka bean extract. The coloured polka dots are meant to float to the surface and give it that extra festive entertainment factor, but the ballistic didn’t last very long after a brief fizz of multi colours which was a bit disappointing. I prefer the ones which take a long time to dissolve. Retails for R48.50.

6 Foundation Favourites

6 Foundation Favourites
These are the all foundations I have in rotation at the moment, with the exception of the Bourjois Healthy Mix which I’ve finished up (always a good sign!). Next week I will show you my favourite skintone correctors like CC creams, but these foundations cover all my needs from light and dewy (like Vitalumiere Aqua and Dior Star) to hefty coverage (like the Double Wear and Tarte foundations). Perfection Lumiere manages to be simultaneously lightweight and velvety matte. Estee Lauder: R415, Chanel: R550, Dior: R680, Tarte: $38, Bourjois: R180

Tried & Tested | Foreo LUNA™

I wrote about the Foreo LUNA™ a while ago when they were soon to be launched in SA. Now that they are available on Zando in all their pastel-coloured glory, and I’ve been testing it out for a month I decided a review is definitely in order.


Let’s set the skin scene. I was incredibly lucky to receive a pale pink LUNA™ for Sensitive to Normal Skin, My skin is incredibly sensitive and breaks out over everything. It also doesn’t like exfoliation as much as the experts say it should. Anything more than once a week with even the most gentle exfoliator, and my skin breaks out. So I am perhaps the toughest nut to crack when it comes to testing new products. Bear in mind that my skin can’t be considered ‘normal’ and its reactions are extreme; on the other hand it might be useful for people who are also dealing with sensitivity.

The first thing I appreciate about the Foreo LUNA™ is how compact and travel friendly it is. It is one silicone unit, which means it doesn’t have any brush head to collect bacteria and it very hygienic, It fits easily in your hand, and while I’ve read reviews of people complaining that it isn’t ergonomically designed, I find it easy to use and fit around the contours of my face. It’s a sleek little device…kind of like the Apple of the skincare world.

The first ‘cycle’ is for cleansing. All you do is apply your cleanser to your face and switch it on, and it allocates 15 seconds to each zone of your face. I use light upward strokes, and the vibration does the work. Three pulses let you know when your time is up, and you can then rinse your face before switching to anti-ageing mode. I just turn the device around and press the LUNA™ to the areas of my face like crow’s feet, nasolabial folds and forehead, where first lines are thinking about appearing (luckily at 32 they’re still just considering it!). So what have the results been?

It is intended for use twice a day. I saw a result from the first time I used it. My skin definitely looked more radiant afterwards, but I found within the first week that my skin was breaking out quite a bit. Most people have reported no ‘purging’ phase (I’m not entirely sure I believe in skin purging anyway) and for me it was a similar reaction to the one I get from over-exfoliation. By the second week I also noticed a few broken capillaries, despite how gentle and non-abrasive the device is. As I said, my skin is extraordinary in the extreme and judging by other reviews this seems to be uncommon.

Foreo Luna

I then decided to cut use down to once every second day instead of twice a day, and after a week up to once a day, and I had a dramatic improvement. No more breakouts, no more broken capillaries, and my skin generally improved enormously. You just need to adjust it to what your individual skin can handle. Not only does the LUNA™ remove dirt but it also exfoliates by removing dead skin cells and is supposed to enhance the radiance and tone of your skin. My skin looks a lot smoother, with fewer blackheads and more refined pores. The combination of deeper cleansing, light exfoliation and better absorption of products makes me believe that the LUNA™ is in fact benefiting my skin. The fact that it lasts months on a single charge is also great, especially if you travel a lot.

Foreo Luna II

At R2790 it is definitely an investment purchase, but I think a worthwhile one. It is something that will last you for years, and if you take skincare seriously then it adds an extra bit of oomph to your arsenal. It is a luxury, but like most luxuries it is nice to have, albeit not vitally essential. I can’t compare it to the Clarisonic as I haven’t tried one, but to me it seems to have some advantages, especially for sensitive skin. Big thumbs up from me!