Dior eye reviver palette

Dior Eye Reviver – Illuminating Neutrals Eye Palette

Eye Reviver Closed

If you have read any of my posts this year you will know that I’m less likely to do ‘makeup of the day’ posts and more likely to be wearing the bare minimum thanks to some lifestyle changes. I have always leaned towards natural and nude makeup, and I can’t pass on a neutral eyeshadow palette no matter how many I already have. So of course I have been eyeing the Dior Eye Reviver palette since it was first released, but common sense prevailed for a while until I couldn’t resist the siren call any longer and finally bought it towards the end of last year. I think it was about R800, so it’s an investment. But if this is something you would wear every day (or you’re an avid neutral palette collector) then it is worth it. The silver packaging is a fingerprint magnet, but so pretty and comes with a velvet dust pouch if you want to tote it around.

Dior eye reviver palette

This palette is perfect for anyone who wants to emphasize and brighten up their eyes without having to do anything too complicated and makeup-artisty. It is also great to grab when you’re in a rush. It includes a primer shade, 4 eyeshadows and a gel liner.  Here is how Dior’s website describes it:

Dior has created its 1st illuminating palette to brighten the eyes with an instant radiance-boosting effect. Using Glow-MimeticsTM technology, the incredibly luminous universal neutrals recreate the radiance of a flawless eyelid. The shades combine in perfect harmony with the primer and liner to create smooth, even and wider-looking eyes, while adding structure and brightness.”

Eye Reviver close up

All the shadows are shimmery, but when you apply them they are very muted (so you don’t get a frosty or metallic look, just a very subtle sheen). The gel liner is really good actually, easy to apply and build up, and doesn’t smudge when it sets. The liner brush included in the palette works well with it. You can’t really go overboard with these shades, so they’re really for the ‘less is more’ everyday natural look. The shadows are soft and blendable and you can actually create a few different looks from totally nude to quite smoky. It’s the ‘your eyes but better’ palette.

Eye Reviver

Dior Glowing Gardens Collection for Spring 2016

While Chanel’s Spring collection is striking and they’ve introduced a Les Beiges foundation (be still my beating heart) I have once again fallen in love with Dior’s Spring collection. Last year and the year before that I couldn’t resist getting something from their Spring collection, and I’m sure this year at least one item will be coming home with me. I’, not 100% sure I like the 5 colour eyeshadow palettes with this collection, but the fusion mono cream shadows in equinoxe and rosee are gorgeous. The highlight of the show as usual is the Diorshow Nude Air Glowing Gardens illuminating powder (rose or beige) with its beautiful floral embossed pattern. This pattern is mirrored in the Diorblush (which comes in floral pink or peach). Swoon…

Dior Spring 2016 Glowing Gardens
The Diorshow Color & Contour eyeshadow and liner duos look intriguing and there is a selection of really wearable lip and nail colours, mostly in pretty Spring pastels, but there is the option of a bright pop of red-pink in the lipstick, gloss and nail polish too. This collection will be available at Dior counters. When I get the launch date I will update this post and spread the news!



The best value cleansing oil | Lipidol Face Cleansing Oil

I’ve tried quite a few cleansing oils because I’ve made no secret of the fact I love cleaning my face with oil! It’s my preferred cleansing method which really dissolves all that oil-based makeup without stripping your skins’ natural protective oils in the process. I am always excited to try a new one, but in this case I was hoping for greatness because it is the most affordable cleansing oil I’ve tried to date – at only R79.95 – and if it works then I have something to recommend which you can afford even in January. I hope it isn’t just me who finds this month like a black hole where my money was.


Lipidol has an entire range of oils which do basically everything except make you coffee. I’ve tried the Cleansing Body Oil, the After Shower Oil and the Sunscreen Oil to date, and I’ve enjoyed every one. Thus far the Cleansing Body Oil has been my favourite because it smells like key lime… I would insert a heart-eyed emoji here if I could but WordPress needs to work on some stuff. Now I’ve finally got around to trying the Face Cleansing Oil and it lives up to my expectations and in one respect exceeds them. Lipidol oils are really effective, and as expected the Face Cleansing Oil does a great job at removing my makeup and rinsing off nicely. I don’t like it when oils emulsify but then refuse to completely rinse off properly. It leaves my skin feeling very moisturised and soft, yet feeling very clean too. There is no tight, uncomfortable urge to rush for the moisturiser.

How did it exceed my expectations? I’ve seen a few YouTube and blog reviews, and the general consensus is that people don’t like using it to remove eye makeup. I was expecting it to sting my eyes a bit, and it honestly didn’t affect my eyes at all. I really get in there and give my eyes a good rub and it removes my waterproof mascara fuss-free. I do get cloudy vision for a few seconds, but that goes away so quickly it doesn’t bother me. Frankly I find a face full of sea water more unpleasant (and I’m out there duck diving under waves every day). As with all the Lipidol products the packaging is minimalist and unique, just a clear embossed bottle with no label. I like this no-frills approach and I think the plastic bottles with different coloured oils are pretty.


The conclusion is that I’m really impressed with Lipidol’s Face Cleansing Oil. I think it is the best cleansing oil if you’re on a budget. I also like the Body Shop’s chamomile one (a lot) but Lipidol’s is in an even more affordable price bracket.  It does a good job, it’s a pleasure to use and the scent is mild and inoffensive (I think it’s rosemary?). They’re available at Clicks, so easily available if you want to pop a bottle in your basket.

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Turn your skin around with glycolic acid and antioxidants

I was going to call this post The Indispensables because that is what these two products (and their triplet sister, the Activ Retinol 1.0) have become. For most of last year I couldn’t really focus on things like pigmentation or skin ageing because my breakouts were so bad and continuous that all I cared about was clearing my skin. Now that I have breakouts under control I can really focus on improving my skin’s texture, fighting pigmentation and fine lines and generally trying to get my skin in great shape. I received these two products at a very interesting talk last year on the Dermaceutic Cosmo Peel and the benefits of peels for reversing skin damage. I’m going to be doing a post on Dermaceutic peels for Go Beauty, so I will post a link to that at some point.


I’ve been using these products as a day and night cream for nearly two months, in conjunction with a weekly Dermaceutic Mask 15 application (this is almost like a mini at-home peel with 15% glycolic acid) and as mentioned the Dermaceutic Activ Retinol 1.0 at night.  I love the texture of the C25 Cream which is so silky and hydrating, and packed with antioxidant vitamins and polyphenols to fight the free radicals which lead to skin ageing. It doesn’t contain an SPF so it is vital, vital, vital that you apply a high SPF over it.

The Light Ceutic Skin Toning Night Cream has also been responsible for a big turnaround in my skin. Because my skin likes to get upset over nearly everything I’ve always been a bit wary about too much glycolic acid, but gradually incorporating it into my daily routine has made a huge difference to the appearance of my skin helped clear up my breakouts. Why should you be using glycolic acid? Glycolic acid exfoliates the skin by dissolving the ‘cement’ holding your upper layer of skin cells together, causing them to shed and triggering repair. It also regulates the production of melanin so is effective for treating pigmentation. Light Ceutic contains 8% glycolic acid, phytic acid and vitamin C. I use this most nights, but sometimes to give my skin a break I will skip a night and just use the C25 Cream instead.

For glycolic acid to yield results it needs to be in the right concentration and at the right pH, and Dermaceutic are experts in creating products which aren’t just cosmetic but really cosmeceutical in nature. These are home care products which are great to use in conjunction with regular clinic peels for optimal results, but on their own they are a great investment in serious skincare. The C25 Cream sells for R682 and the Light Ceutic for R660 as of 1st Feb 2016.

For Dermaceutic stockists in the Johannesburg area contact justine@conquest.co.za. I know the range is available at Skin ID. For Cape Town I know Ageless Faces is a stockist or you can contact sam@conquest.co.za for other stockists.