Tips for tackling your child’s tangles

This was taken a year ago, so you can just imagine…

This post was inspired by the never-ending battle I’ve been fighting to deal with my child’s ultra-long hair. She refuses to cut it or even have it trimmed, which means the ends are brittle, and it is so long that is gets tangled if it is loose for longer than 30 seconds. The Brothers Grimm have a lot to answer for. When they came up with their silly Rapunzel story they had obviously never had to brush and maintain a stubborn six year old’s waist-length hair. Else they would have realised that they were sowing the seeds of despair.

If you’re a grown-up with very long hair you know what I’m talking about. It takes a lot of maintenance. I had long hair myself for years and as an adult you know that you need the right products, regular trims, and you put the work in required to style it. Moms will know that it isn’t as simple when your child refuses to cooperate in any way. Most people will realise this problem is easily solved by taking your kid to the hair salon and letting them cut it properly. Or even trimming it yourself if you have the skills (I don’t). It’s a whole other story when your child starts screaming at the thought of a centimeter of her “magic hair” being cut off.

Here is how I have finally, finally got my child’s matted, tangled bird’s nest under control.


I’ve tried a lot of shampoos, and our ultimate discovery has been Shampooheads. Developed in conjunction with Dr. Miriam Stoppard (who I had no idea had anything to do with toiletries, but you learn new things every day) these products are happiness in a bottle for both moms and kids. Shampooheads works as well as the salon brands I’ve been resorting to, but with strawberry and fruity scents that appeal much more to kids, and most importantly the no-tears formula doesn’t cause drama if it gets in their eyes.


The packaging is really cute and kid-friendly (with handy pump dispenser), the products are not tested on animals and the shampoo/conditioner doubles as a body wash so the ingredients are gentle and pH balanced. We have the Raging Rosie Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash which smells like strawberries and contains guar extract from guar beans. I have never heard of these magic beans before, but apparently it coats the hair with a protective shield that makes combing easier – and it seriously, honestly does. I usually comb through some Joico Intense Hydrator afterwards just because Moo’s hair is very dry, but even without it her hair doesn’t turn into a tangle fest. Just soft and shiny.

We also have the Awesome Annie Detangler, which is a heat protectant detangling spray. This is the first time I’ve found a proper heat protectant aimed at kids, and it makes the world of difference when blow drying. Even if I let her hair air dry, which I often do, this makes brushing a breeze and leaves her hair absolutely glossy. Oh, and it smells like tropical fruit. All Shampoo heads products are only R59,95 which is incredible value for the results, and are available ;]at selected Clicks.


What makes this combination of Shampooheads products feel like a miracle is that they are fun and appealing to Moo which makes hair washing something to look forward to. We both love them because hair brushing is finally easy and pain-free. Which leads me to tip number two…


Get a really good detangling brush and brush your child’s hair twice a day, morning and night. No skipping. Tangle Teezer does really cute flower pot ones (R260) which would appeal to kids and are small enough to fit in little hands. Lately we have been using the Tangle Angle, and according to Moo it “hurts less” than the Tangle Teezer. I prefer the hardier bristles of the Tangle Angel and the fact the brush has a handle (I know Tangle Teezer also does one with a handle as well). It also has a pretty big brush head which can do my short hair in about four strokes, and Moo’s super long hair more quickly and easily than a Tangle Teezer. Tangle Angel has a variety of brushes for different hair types such as very coarse hair, and believe it not, pet hair. They’re heat resistant and anti static, so good for simple blow drying, and the bristles are anti-bacterial. You can buy them from Retail Box for between R260 and R290.


My last tip is weird, but then again so is my child. She absolutely loves filling up an oval-shaped bucket in the shower and squeezing into it. It keeps her entertained (and contained!) while I wash her hair. Might be worth a try… Good luck, mom-stylists!

Matrix Biolage Keratindose

Retail Box Secret Box #19 Unboxing

I mentioned I had a sneak peak of the Retail Box Secret Box #19 and I’ve been using the products for just over a week now. So we knew the products were for damaged hair, but what exactly was in the box? There are three full-sized products included in this box, the Matrix Biolage Keratindose Shampoo (retails for R180), Matrix Biolage Keratindose Conditioner (retails for R200) and Matrix Biolage Keratindose Renewal Spray (retails for R210). So as I said, you get a whole range worth R590 for the box price of R270, which is a bargain. Sadly, this box has has sold out already but it is never too late to catch the next one!

Matrix Biolage Keratindose

Matrix Biolage Keratindose restores overprocessed hair and claims to leave you with 90% more conditioned hair after just one use. As you may know I’ve recently gone back to my signature platinum blonde shade, and the whole 2-hour bleaching and toning process sure takes its toll. Many a stylist has pondered why my hair isn’t in disgusting condition (or possibly why it hasn’t fallen right out) by now, but I have some help in the way of really good products.

Matrix Keratindose Renewal Spray

The first product from the box I tried was the Biolage Keratindose Renewal Spray because I was on my second day of a really nice blow-dry and it looked too nice to wash, but was also feeling slightly crunchy because I had my hair colour done at the same time. What I was immediately happy to see was that you can use this spray on damp OR dry hair, so I tested it out on dry hair and after brushing it through I could feel a huge difference and it really restored softness to my hair. I’ve been longing for a really good spray conditioner that I could use on dry hair, and my wish has come true. Oh, and it smells so good! It reminds me of the delicious scent wafting in the air as you approach Hamley’s – I’m convinced this is what they are secretly pumping through their air ducts.

Matrix Keratindose Shampoo

The pro keratin and silk extract in the shampoo and conditioner help to soften, repair and moisturise your hair and are creamy and nourishing enough to leave even the most straw-like hair soft and silky. At the same time they didn’t feel too heavy or weigh my hair down. Using the three in combination has left my hair looking smooth and shiny, which is quite a lot to ask of bleached hair. So I have been really pleased and impressed with this range.

Matrix Keratindose Conditioner

I also think that the range is well priced if you’re looking to treat damaged hair without breaking the bank. If you missed out on this secret box (because they do sell out very quickly), these products are available individually on the Retail Box website or you can follow them on Instagram or Twitter to find out when the next secret box is launching.

Congratulations to Charlotte from The Stiletto Mum who has won a #RBSecretbox 19! Retail Box and I will be in touch soon.


Secret Box Giveaway | Win a #RBSecretbox 19!

Retail Box has launched its 19th #RBSecretbox today, and you have the opportunity to win one right here. These sell-out surprise boxes are quite unique in the market because they are just such jaw-dropping value for money. Forget about subscription boxes containing a couple of samples, these are full size products and worth double (or more than double) what you pay. You have to be quick on the draw though because numbers are limited and you have to keep an eye on Retail Box’s Twitter, Facebook or Instagram feed for hints about what hair type the box is suited for and when it will be launched.

RBSecretbox 19

I’ve had a sneak peak of this box, and if like me you have damaged hair then it will be perfect for you. The box retails for R270 and the value of the products inside is a R590 so that’s more than a 50% saving!

RBSecretbox 19 (2)

To win a box for yourself just leave a comment saying why you’d like to win and share this post. Don’t forget to tag me when you share so I can keep track. For additional entries you can follow Retail Box on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook (links are above to take you to their pages). Let me know in your comment :)

The winner will be announced on Friday 6th November along with a reveal of what’s in the box and review of the contents.

Ren Wake Wonderful Night Time Facial

The beauty sleep facial | REN Wake Wonderful

Ren Wake Wonderful Night Time Facial

REN has yet another exciting new product in its line-up! I love how REN products feel so innovative (remember the Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial?) and I always get the sense that I’m going to make a new lifelong friend when something new comes along. While this isn’t always the case I do love this new Wake Wonderful Night-Time Facial (R620,00 at REN counters or online), and it will have a permanent place in my skincare stash, along with the Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask – also from their radiance range – the Flash Rinse and ClearCalm Clarity Restoring Mask. I’m a sucker for masks and facials!

This gem of a product basically gives you a facial while you’re sleeping (the ultimate lazy/busy girl’s facial) and can be used alone or after serum and before moisturiser and just rinsed off in the morning. It exfoliates the skin with glycolic and lactic acids, repairs and reduces UV damage and then the sodium lactate comes along and raises the skin’s pH and moisturises and plumps up the skin. It’s all very scientific, but just trust me when I say in a nutshell you wake up with really smooth and radiant-looking skin.


I use it three nights a week and use Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream over the top. Despite the name I only use this moisturiser at night because it is so thick and rich. I like to incorporate it in my night-time facial routine because it is so soothing and nourishing. REN Wake Wonderful is suitable for all skin types except sensitive. My skin is a bit reactive but it seems to love this product (and product combination). It does tingle, but it is barely noticeable and goes away quite quickly. And it has a really nice citrus orange scent. I received this one as a PR sample but I would honest cross my heart hope to die buy another one as soon as it runs out!