Kids parties at Ratanga Junction

20121208-204329.jpgRatanga Junction, the ‘wildest place in Africa’, was the party venue of choice for the latest children’s party on my daughter’s social calendar. She loves it there, and since she is pretty wild herself I thought the seven hour party would equal more wildness than my nerves could handle. And I was absolutely right.

Ratanga offer packages for parties of a minimum of five children which include a mini adventure rider pass and a party table including balloons  hot dog, party pack and juice per child. You have the option of bringing your own birthday cake, and they also do adult catering on request.

You need to be quite clear to your guests about the procedure as we waited outside the entrance for 30 minutes, not knowing we could collect our wristbands at Guest Services. During this time the present got ripped and I nearly went grey trying to keep an eye on Madison in the noisy crowds.

with maggie and murphy


During the party between 12:00 and 13:00 there was a variety show in the Walled City. I was genuinely concerned about how the extreme noise and proximity of the party tables to the enormous speakers would affect the children’s hearing. Some people don’t bother about thing like that, but I really believe noise at those levels can be damaging. The less said about the actual variety show the better. But the Ratanga mascots, Maggie and Murphy, were definitely a big hit with the kids when they stopped by our table to sing Happy Birthday and pose for photos.

The last few hours were spent herding a group of four year olds around the park. Ratanga really does offer a lot for them in the way of rides and they were fizzing with excitement. Seeing the pure joy on their faces went some way towards counter-balancing the stress of trying to control them. It was hot, windy, and they were tearing along the paths like mini Ferraris. Mini adventure riders should head straight to Hippo Hollow as this is where the majority of rides for this age group are.

wheels on bus

Eli party

I left the park just before it closed at 17:00 with a very tired but happy toddler. Ratanga Junction is a wonderful family outing for the holidays and will entertain adults and children of all ages. My verdict is that as a party venue it is definitely something out of the ordinary. If you’re tired of having variations of the same party at home year after year, this is a good option, if you’re up to the challenge. However I would recommend it for a slightly older group of children, at least at an age where they require minimal supervision.

For enquiries or to book your party at Ratanga Junction you can mail or call 021 5508504.


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