Blog Secret Santa

This Christmas Charlotte from organized a Secret Santa  It was mostly for bloggers, but a few tweeters joined in too, which is how I heard about it. These ladies are a friendly and sometimes eccentric community which inspired me to start my own blog, something I have long been wanting to do. I had a bit of a hiccup with my own Secret Santa gift after discovering I had bought it based on the wrong person, but I am just hoping she accepts my explanatory note and finds a use for what I sent. Top of my list was the Woolworths beach bag I have been eyeing, so naturally I was thrilled to receive it this evening. And right to my door too, no waiting in those Christmas-time post office queues! I am still trying to figure out who my Secret Santa could be (all will be revealed on Christmas) because I want to give her a big, heartfelt thank you! I love my gift! I will definitely be participating again next year, and I hope all the lovely blogging ladies out there will go from strength to strength. Merry Christmas!


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