Stila One Step Illuminate Review

It is summer as well as the festive party season, and I am all about subtle shimmer and a healthy glow at the moment. I have been having an internal debate about the merits of BB creams, bronzers and primers and trying to decide which product combination will work best for me. I finally settled on Stila One Step Illuminate, a serum which hydrates, acts as a primer for makeup, evens out imperfections and gives you a luminous glow.

I applied it after moisturizer and an SPF50 fluid, and it is very light reflecting so it did make my skin tone a bit more even and definitely gave me an all over shimmer. I would not wear this on its own because in my opinion it made me look a little too shiny, but with a bit of Clarins foundation on top it lived up to its illuminating promise. It shines through makeup in a subtle way, giving you a nice luminous glow and making your skin look flawless. I then used my Essence mosaic compact powder on top to give me a hint of bronze with very subtle gold flecks.

By mid-day my makeup was still looking fresh, despite it being 28 degrees outside, so as a primer it really does work well. No makeup meltdowns. My cheeks also tend to get a bit dry after hours of air conditioning, but by late afternoon they were still feeling hydrated. I am now going to buy the Stila One Step Bronze or the Stila 10 in 1 Beauty Balm, because I am so impressed with this product and want to experiment with a few more! This is an absolute summer must-have, perfect for tired moms who want to get their glow back.
I bought mine from Style36 for R330. Just go to


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