Is Christmas just for Kids?


I remember the magic of Christmas back in the days when I still believed in Father Christmas and his reindeer, and Christmas presents were a big surprise. Everything from decorating the Christmas tree, to singing carols in church and that special Christmas meal was exciting and special. As an adult it seems that Christmas has lost a lot of its magic, as Christmas presents mean crowded malls and long queues, financial worries and lots of wrapping. Nobody is going to be delivering anything down the chimney. Even that delicious Christmas gammon now has to be cooked by you while simultaneously trying to keep your children from destroying the house. Hearing the nativity story and singing carols is not something I would consider, because there is no way I could take my three year old to church and expect her not to get bored and embarrass me.

But before I start sounding like the Grinch who stole Christmas, I think it is time we all took a step back from the crazy season madness and considered the things that do still make Christmas special. The look on your children’s faces when they see gifts under the tree on Christmas morning is pretty heart-warming. Christmas is a religious celebration, but whether you are Christian or not, Christmas is really about family and it is about the spirit of giving. Make an effort to mend broken bridges, do something nice for someone, give of your time if you don’t have money. Spending time with your family, creating memories and showing the people in your life how much you love them, that makes Christmas priceless. Nothing sold in any shop could be worth more than relaxing, laughing and sharing a special day with those closest to you. Merry Christmas! Have YOU been good this year?



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