Play at the V&A

We are heading towards the end of the summer holidays, and we have done every activity in Cape Town that I could think of… twice, in some cases. For the last two or three weeks I will probably be looking for slightly cheaper entertainment options, and I found one this morning. We headed to the V&A Waterfront en route to Naartjie (can’t miss the 20% off sale and the gorgeous new range!) we spotted a cute nautical-theme playground just outside the shopping centre. They even have a water feature which kids are allowed to play in, perfect for hot days, and dare I say sweaty shopped-out feet. Madison had fun sailing the Rainbow Spirit through unchartered waters, climbing the light house and splashing in the water.

Then we stopped off at the Scratch Patch. It was a favourite of mine back in the 1980s and is still providing entertainment for people of all ages today. It is also not an expensive way to occupy your time. Just purchase a bag for either R17, R28 or R55 (there is a R95 option too) and you can spend as long as you like picking and choosing gemstones of every imaginable colour! Pity they can’t hide a couple of diamonds in there for some lucky seekers, but hey.

Scratch Patch Gems


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