What? Knit?!


Over the past few years I have heard that knitting is having a popularity surge with celebrities like Sienna Miller and Dakota Fanning jumping on the bandwagon. I have a theory that the art of knitting (or any needlework for that matter) is dying because we live in the age of instant gratification. Why spend hours knitting a toy when you can go to Toys R Us and buy one, right? I seriously doubt most celebrities have the staying power to finish a piece of knitting. Kim Kardashian can’t even stay married for longer than 72 days. Everyone is too busy tweeting to find the time to knit. But here is an idea. It is a new year. If you haven’t made a resolution yet, why not learn to knit and commit to finishing a project? Scarves are the easiest, and gorgeous, chunky knits are a winter fashion staple. I was recently commissioned by my daughter to knit her a Peppa Pig. Knitting your little one their favourite character will earn you a Mom of the Year award. You can find the Peppa Pig pattern pictured here: http://www.goodtoknow.co.uk/family/515452/peppa-pig-knitting-pattern


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