It’s Mine! Personalised Labels

LabelsIt is back-to-school time, and something which often slips under the radar with all the rush is the requirement for all clothes to be labelled, especially if your child is starting school for the first time. Do you really want to stay up late the night before school starts, sewing on labels by hand or, God forbid, writing your child’s name in permanent marker? Since my daughter doesn’t need a school uniform for another three years or so and I have invested a lot in her very cute Naartjie wardrobe, I wanted an option that wasn’t going to damage her clothes, but one that would be quick and easy for me. I ordered some iron-on labels from It’s Mine. These nifty labels take 10 to 15 seconds to apply with a hot iron, they don’t come off in the wash and they don’t damage clothes at all. The best part is you can design your label online, select a font colour and choose a cute graphic (I chose a cupcake for the round labels and ladybird for the rectangular ones), pay by EFT or credit card and get your labels delivered within roughly two weeks. I am a big fan of online shopping! They also offer pencil labels, book labels, vinyl labels, shoe labels, bag tags etc. so it is really a one-stop shop.

You can visit to see their range of labels, design your label and submit your order. Orders are sent via registered post relatively quickly. I paid R155 ex VAT for 80 iron-on labels. The whole process from ordering to ironing on the labels was so easy it was worth every cent.


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