Nail Art Nirvana


Nails seem to be top priority these days. Nail art and special effect polishes are everywhere from the Olympics to the red carpet. Magazines feature the latest colour trends and Pinterest is awash with glamorous, over-the-top designs. I actually read somewhere that the nail art trend is ‘over’ now, but obviously nail fabulosity is not.


Soon to be arriving on South African shelves is Nail Inc, the UK’s leading, award-winning nail brand. Due to slight delays it will be stocked by selected Edgar’s and Red Square stores from 1st April 2013. Twitter is abuzz with the news, and I like to jump on the bandwagon. I didn’t get any insider information like the special people who were invited to the launch, but I had a look at their UK website and felt like a kid in a candy store. How does leather-effect polish with little crystal skull embellishments sound to you? Or concrete-effect polish. Or how about a kit for a DIY version of Kelly Osbourne’s gazillion-Dollar black diamond manicure? If you are a bit more conservative there is every other colour in the spectrum including neons and beautiful nudes and taupes.

If Nail Inc weren’t arriving in SA imminently I would have been online shopping right now, piling on the Pounds (sterling, that is). I have bitten my nails all my life and finally managed to stop five months ago. I have ‘culled’ them a few times but never down to the quick and they have always regrown within a few days. I reckon I am cured of my nasty habit. I am now fully embracing the world of decorative nails to make up for all the lost time. Beautiful nails make me feel more confident, elegant and feminine. I just know that when Nails Inc products go on sale I will be in nail art nirvana. Bling it on!


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