How I stopped smoking

I am sure there are lots of moms out there who smoke. I know I did, with the exception of the nine months I was pregnant, up until five months ago when my husband bought me a Twisp NEO. I always enjoyed smoking and was not really interested in quitting. But the beauty of this method is that you still get the same enjoyment from it, and it still feels as if you are smoking, only you are not. There is no smoke involved, no carbon monoxide, no tar, and none of the thousands of other harmful chemicals found in cigarettes.

Twisp Neo

In the past I have tried Nicorette gum and patches, usually when on long-haul flights, and found they did nothing to alleviate the craving to actually puff on something. Going cold turkey when I was pregnant didn’t help in the long-term either. It was not voluntary, and two weeks after my daughter was born I lit up again. I suffered from post-natal depression, and smoking had always been my go-to when I was feeling down.

There is a lot of debate about the safety and effectiveness of electronic cigarettes, but I am of the opinion that provided you know what is in the refill liquid it is still safer and healthier than smoking actual cigarettes. Twisp devices only produce harmless, odourless water vapour but the sensation is the same as inhaling smoke. The liquid comes in a variety of flavours such as tobacco, mint, cherry and rebel (which tastes a lot like Red Bull) with coffee flavor available soon. The liquid does contain some nicotine, so you don’t get cravings. Nicotine, after all, isn’t the ingredient in cigarettes that is causing cancer. I haven’t had a cigarette in five months, and don’t believe I will ever go back to smoking normal cigarettes. It just doesn’t make sense when there is a healthier alternative out there which I can use indoors and which isn’t going to directly harm my child. I can really recommend this device, it can make a huge difference to your health.

Twisp flavours

Those are the pro’s, what are the con’s? I suppose for someone who wants to quit completely and get away from the nicotine, it might not work. You are still ‘smoking’ something, just not a cigarette. The size is also similar to a cigar, so that takes some getting used to. The only other big con I can think of is that the devices are prone to leaking quite badly and certain parts need to be replaced quite regularly. You have to make sure that you care for it properly and follow the guidelines for maintenance. There is a guarantee period though, during which they will replace any part which is faulty or giving you trouble.

Starter packs go for R699.95 for one device or R999.95 for two devices in a box, which includes the atomiser, battery, USB charger and tobacco flavour refill. The refill liquid is R320 for two 20ml bottles (that’s a special only available at Twisp stores, not at Clicks). A 20ml bottle will last roughly two weeks, so this would be a monthly cost. Cheaper than cigarettes? You do the math. There are also 10ml bottles available.

Twisp has kiosks in Canal Walk, the V&A and Cavendish, and it is available at selected Clicks stores. Their website is if you want to read more about them. Or call 021-556 6398.


3 thoughts on “How I stopped smoking

    • mothercitymom says:

      I am objective and open to other suggestions, so people can have a look at the links posted for other brands. I am just writing about what I have tried and can recommend, but anything is better than cigarettes. I would avoid the dodgy ones made in China though!

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