Berco Drop Box for Busy Moms

I was in Pick ‘n Pay this afternoon to get some essentials and on my way out I noticed a Berco Drop Box for the first time. Well, what a lovely idea! Most moms don’t have enough hours in the day, and the post office is one of those places I dread going to. Finding parking and standing in those queues just takes up time nobody has to spare. So Berco has come up with this clever plan to save everyone time by collaborating with Pick ‘n Pay. All you need to do to send a parcel overnight is buy a Berco sleeve from Pick ‘n Pay for R99, fill it with goodies, complete the waybill and drop the parcel into the Berco Drop Box in store. The parcels will be collected by Berco at 4pm and delivered by the following morning to all major centres within South Africa! You can track your parcel at

ImageFor more information call the Berco Johannesburg call centre on 011-457 3000 or email

Okay busy moms, let’s give Berco three cheers! R99 is a little pricey, but admit it, sometimes it’s worth paying an extra R35 to do your parcel couriering at the same time as your groceries.


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