Tuesday Travelog – Travelling with Kids


I spend a lot of time day dreaming about going on holiday, a luxury I haven’t indulged in for the last four and a half years. Yes, I’m counting. While I know there are many families out there who travel overseas with their children, for us it has just seemed too fraught with difficulties. Taking a baby on an aeroplane, travelling with all the baby paraphernalia, finding a trustworthy babysitter in a foreign place, dealing with the strict routine of feeding and nap times (our child was on the Baby Love programme) away from the familiarity of home was the least relaxing thing I could have imagined.

Now that our daughter is turning four this year, an overseas holiday seems entirely possible, but is now unfortunately too cost-prohibitive. Many little ones are starting ‘big school’ at around this age, and the cost of private education is enough to make anyone run screaming into the hills, find a cave and live out their lives as a hermit. I won’t mention the name of the school, but the deposit on registration is practically in the home loan territory! Okay, I exaggerate. Car finance then.

And so the necessities of life have pushed overseas holidays so far down the priority list that I suspect I might need to a) win one of those wonderful magazine competitions or b) wait until my kid graduates from UCT before I find myself jetting off to foreign climes.

Instead I’ve come up with the idea of Tuesday Travelogs, so that I can at least reminisce about the fascinating places I have travelled to in the past. Some highlights and personal experiences of places from Hong Kong to Helsinki might be of interest to anyone who is planning a trip to one of the cities I’ve visited.

Just a parting thought. I have to respect parents who are brave enough to travel with their baby, even more so if they are travelling with more than one child. What do you do when you are laden down with luggage, your baby is crying, one child runs right and the other runs left? I’d have grey hair before I even got onto the plane. Respect.

I would love to hear about your experiences and whether you have travelled overseas with your baby or toddler! Feel free to comment below.


One thought on “Tuesday Travelog – Travelling with Kids

  1. George Hardwick says:

    My mother always managed to take us with her on business trips, and it has undoubtably changed my life. Big love to all the mothers who travel with children! 🙂

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