February Blog Challenge

A little while ago Cupcake Mummy posted this February Blog Challenge with the following explanation:

“The topics are guidelines to help you get creative, get those blogging juices flowing again, to help you get to know who you are. You’ll see that the last topic is: What is your centre  It comes from “The rise of the guardians” where Saint Nick tells Jack frost he needs to figure out who he is, what his centre is and what it is that he brings to the world. Saint Nick’s is “wonder” and Jack’s is “fun”. Take February to figure out who you are, what you love, what you want and what your centre is.”

So I decided to take part because it looked like fun. I also have absolutely no idea what my centre is. I am beginning to suspect it is made up of anti-ageing night cream or something. I reckon I won’t get around to doing every single one of the 28 with the way my workload is going lately, but I am going to do as many as possible. Below is the challenge with the daily topics:


Some of it is way off my beaten track and doesn’t really fit into any of my usual topics, so I have created a February Blog Challenge category where you can follow my progress in trying to discover what makes me tick. It has got to be more than playing Barbies with my child and finding the perfect shade of nail polish, right?



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