I Love Lola Kids – Say Hola to Spanish Fashion

Diana Rubio and Elena Arias have brought some Spanish flair to Cape Town with their company, I Love Lola Kids, offering a selection of kids’ clothes by Spanish designers.

Diana and ElenaDermalogica on Wembley Showroom

Catering to discerning moms keen to find unique clothing for their 0-8 year olds, they launched the company last year and hosted their first pop-up store at Dermalogica on Wembley. They describe their clothes as “a bit more formal with beautiful detail” and there is definitely an element of exclusivity to I Love Lola Kids. Although they do have a permanent showroom in Bantry Bay (visit by appointment) they take online orders from their website and Facebook page where the clothes can viewed. They also use the pop-up store concept for direct sales, if you prefer not to shop online. Each one or two day pop-up showroom is at a different venue. You can visit their site for information about the next one.

I think that because they don’t have a permanent store or import enormous volumes means that you are getting something a bit special. The dresses come in beautiful styles and prints, the kind of dresses you desperately wish came in adult sizes so you could get one for yourself. And they have a summer sale on right now, so now is a great opportunity to get your little ones some European style!

To see the range of clothes and for contact details you can visit their website http://www.ilovelolakids.wordpress.com.

For the SALE items and prices go to their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/I-Love-Lola-Kids/293500900724908


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