My Dream Home

You know, this one doesn’t need much said about it. This is a photo of Positano, but any quaint town on the Amalfi Coast would be fine. I just want stunning views, a warm Mediterranean sea to swim in every day, limoncello on tap and I want to travel everywhere by Vespa or ferry.


Jokes aside, I am very happy with my home as it is. We did a massive Extreme Makeover Home Edition style renovation when we moved in, so I’ve ended up with my own library for my books, a beautiful bathroom the size of a garage and plenty of room in general. Of course some things drive me mad, like the battle to keep the lawn green, the leak in the hallway roof and the fact the en suite shower floods (it’s gorgeous, but ill-designed), but no matter where I go I’m always happy to get back to my nest. We’re a stone’s throw from the beach and a very short drive to the shops. We have looked around, but unless we spend about R20 million (i.e. win the lottery) we’re not going to be able to replace the home we have elsewhere. Or buy one in Positano, for that matter. So lots of love and thanks to my husband for his brilliant building skills.



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