Elkanah Schoolyard Market

Elkanah Market

If you live in Cape Town, and in particular if you’re in the Tableview area and haven’t visited the Elkanah Schoolyard Market before, it is well worth a trip to stock up on delicious goodies. There is a family atmosphere and plenty of kids about, but I only managed to stay for 15 minutes because my little monster kept running off and it was quite busy (in other words I couldn’t focus on the stalls but had to keep both eyes on my runaway child). The highlight for me was the Queen of Tarts stall. I tried a scrumptious lemon meringue cupcake and also bought a gigantic chocolate meringue. There was marimba music while we were there, and jazz coming a bit later. There is also sand art for the kids, coffee stands, and everything from wine to jewellery, breads and pancakes to decor items.

The Elkanah Schoolyard Market is held at the Elkanah high school in Sunningdale. The next one coming up is on 2nd March and the one after that is on 27th April. They also have their own Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Schoolyard-Market-Elkanah-House/350077468415018


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