What’s in my Handbag

My handbag is a Neverfull, so it holds just about everything including the kitchen sink. Having an enormous tote is great, but you do tend to lose things in there and carry around a whole lot of stuff you don’t really need. For today’s blog challenge I tipped the contents out for the first time in a long time, and this is what I have been schlepping around with me:

Spare clothes for my child in a handy cotton Earthchild tie bag, Balm Balm Rose Water Hydrosol for spritzing on those hot summer days (review here), a Tommee Tippee juice bottle (also not mine), an annual family membership card for Butterfly World (read about this here), Huggies baby wipes, Dentyne chewing gum, my beloved Louis Vuitton sunglasses I bought in Rome, my wallet, Mini Cheddars, my Twisp e-cigarette, not one but two Rosebud Perfume Company lip balms, my ID book, a Bioderm factor 50 sunscreen, my BlackBerry, one of my makeup bags, Strawberry Shortcake toy from McDonalds (again, definitely not mine) and some Kleenex tissues. I usually always, always carry my iPad with me everywhere, but I needed it to take the photo with!


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