For the Love of (Cartoon) Letters

Cartoon Letter

We live in an age of technology where communication is almost always carried out via phone, email or SMS (not to mention BBM, Twitter, Facebook etc.). It is very rare to receive anything in the post except for bills, bills and more bills. And even bills are being emailed these days. Do you remember how exciting it was to receive a letter in the post, back in the days before email?

This generation of children have likely never received a handwritten letter in the post box. Why not let them experience the anticipation of waiting for and the excitement of receiving a letter from their favourite cartoon hero? This is where the brilliant and innovative concept of Cartoon Letter comes in. The Cartoon Letter service offers your child the opportunity to communicate with a favourite cartoon character, TV character or even Father Christmas, the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny.

Besides the obvious fun factor, this also stimulates your child’s reading and writing skills and offers a medium through which you can communicate about sensitive topics with your child. I picked up a Cartoon Letter flyer at a local play centre and thought that this fantastic idea needed to be shared! You can visit to order the service, stipulate the frequency (once-off or monthly etc.) and see the costs involved. They also have a Facebook page www, for more information.

Email: / Cell: 079 420 7638


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