Dear Deer gets the Princess Seal of Approval

I am like the princess from the fairy tale about the princess and the pea, only instead of being acutely aware of lumps and bumps I am highly sensitive about bedding. Even the pure cotton 200 thread count guesthouse collection from @Home feels like sandpaper to me. I cannot make contact with polycotton. This is the sign of a true princess. Never mind about this pea nonsense. But as much as I love our divinely soft Osiers linen, it is getting on in age and starting to tear, and I am getting on in age and starting to wrinkle. Well, for the first time I am starting to wake up with creases and notice fine lines around my eyes. Time for some drastic action. Enter Dear Deer.

These satin pillow cases have two great things going. Firstly, the satin is good for your skin in that you wont wake up with weird pillow creases on your face, and it will minimize the friction which leads to eventual wrinkles. It is also good for your hair, helping to retain your hair’s natural moisture and prevent tangles while you sleep. All great and fabulous, but purchasing a great night’s sleep is also going to help a good cause. I am a sucker for good causes. A percentage of the profits from certain colour pillow slips goes towards initiatives like breast cancer awareness (pink obviously), and they supported the Movember campaign around prostate and testicular cancer too, which can be seen from their quirky advertising.

I had a satin pillow case for my support pillow when I was pregnant. It was like a giant oddly shaped doughnut which meant that I didn’t need a pillow for my head. I can’t say I got a decent nights sleep what with the heartburn and general 24/7 discomfort, but at least that satin cover gave me a comfortable place to lay my face. And I have wanted a satin pillow slip ever since, so I am so thrilled to be able to award Dear Deer my Princess Seal of Approval. They are as smooth as a baby’s bum (but not as hazardous). So to all the other Princess Moms out there, hope you join me in getting a few hours of silky sleep!

You can order from Chelle by mailing


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