My Five Favourite Blogs

This is a tough challenge because I follow 19 blogs at the moment and I really like all of them. Every one is so different and comes from a different point of view. But here goes.

Baked the Blog because the photos are amazing, and she has a unique sense of style which I love catching up on when I have spare time. Aisha covers events, her travels, product reviews, and does very glamorous look posts.

Complete Disbelief because I love the layout and content of this beauty and fashion blog. The photos are great and the product reviews are honest and informative.

The Glam Green Girl because this blog is fun and girly but also based on green principles. So it covers everything from recycling to healthy lifestyle to organic beauty products.

The Mommy Blogs. I have a few favourites in this category. and are two which I read for their writing, not really for the pictures or to read about products. These are other moms with something relevant or interesting to say. I also like Rattle and Mum and Supermom.

Liploss is my Life because this blog is a strange sort of addiction. You get hooked without knowing exactly why, and then you can’t stop. It’s another example of glamorous-looking events and reviews of new and lust-worthy beauty products. And it must be said, Leigh is really hilarious. She has a funny style of writing which is completely different to any other blog I’ve read.

Please have a look at the Blogs I Follow section on the right hand side of my site to visit some other great blogs too. I borrowed some photos from my favourite blogs for this post. I hope they don’t mind.


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