My Dream Wedding

Well I am already married, and have this old-fashioned idea that once you’re married it is for life. In other words, you only get one wedding in my world. Although I’m sure nearly every woman looks back on her wedding as the best day of her life, there are inevitably one or two things which in retrospect you would change or improve on. Every bride wishes she had a celebrity’s budget, and it is sometimes difficult to create your dream wedding without one. This is me on my wedding day taken at the Vineyard Hotel. My bridesmaids wore black.

Wedding Dress

I have followed celebrity weddings and I think the best things millions of dollars can buy are designer wedding gowns and amazing floral decor. I love Hillary Duff’s wedding, and I think this is the closest to what I would create if I had a limitless budget and could go back in time and have my wedding all over again. Her Vera Wang wedding gown is gorgeous, her colours are subtle and beautiful and her decor is opulent. All those flowers…sigh.


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