If I could meet five Twitter friends…

I read a quote once saying Facebook is where you lie to family and friends, and Twitter is where you tell the truth to strangers. I wouldn’t agree that I lie to anyone on Facebook, but I do agree that Twitter is a place where people feel more free to say whatever comes into their heads. Which is quite bizarre considering your prospective employers have access to your tweets. It is also true that Twitter does connect you to a bunch of complete strangers, and strangely enough you can get quite attached to people you have never met because you are sharing their life stories. Twitter friends are really living in each other’s back pockets. If anyone so much as farts, you will know about it. But it therefore has quite a ‘reality TV’ entertainment value, if you ask me.

If I could meet some of my Twitter ‘friends’ I would choose the following. Of course there are others I’d like to meet. I mean I’m not following them for no reason. But I was only allowed to choose five:

Bronwen Bell@Brono_Bell, because we share the same first name, she says things I wouldn’t have the guts to say, and we share the same frustrations. We both cried in the bathroom on Christmas morning. How many people can say that? She tweeted it, I just kept it a secret. Sometimes I feel like a big sister and just want to give her useful advice!


@cupcakemummy, because she has the most interesting hair I have ever seen on a human and she seems like a friendly person. I just get that impression. And she does cool things like sailing yachts. I love her blog, and she gives people surprise cupcakes. And she’s a mom, too. Oh, and she has a hedgehog. I mean, that is seriously cool.

The glam screen girl@GlamGreenGirl because she is so friendly (see I am friend-starved) and eco-friendly too. You have got to love people who love the environment! She is the product manager for Balm Balm, and I am a huge Balm Balm fan and follow the brand on Twitter as well. I think she would be interesting to meet.

Lynette Botha@Ms_ELLE_Beauty because she has my dream job. She’s a mom who loves products, so we have that in common! And if she were my friend in real life she might give me some of the free beauty products she gets. #wishfulthinking

Lauren G

@Lauren_RSA because I’ve recently discovered we have a lot in common. Our kids are the same age (and we are both trying to figure out how to end the night-time nappy thing) and we’ve both been married for seven years to our polar opposites (both our husbands steal the chocolate). And she has some very funny tweets, guaranteed to keep you amused.


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