Make Waves with FHI Heat

Hair is just not my thing. I honestly have no clue how to style it, I wash it and go to bed with it wet, I only go to a hair salon twice a year and I don’t own any styling products. So when I got a FHI Heat GO styling iron I saw it as an opportunity to turn things around. I watched some tutorials on YouTube and it looked relatively easy, so I was rearing to go. Please excuse the fact that I could really do with some lipstick in these pics.


This is what my hair looked like when I took it out of a bun, which is how I usually wear my hair. Bun, ponytail or plait. I never leave it loose, basically. As you can see, I could really do with a haircut too.

GO styling iron

I had an attempt at doing curls which didn’t go very well. I realised quickly that you really need to use some sort of protecting product first, like the FHI Heat Hot Sauce. I reckon I set the temperature a bit frazzling hot, so I had slightly better results when I turned the temperature down quite a bit. On my first try I got a curl at the top or bottom only, or not at all. This takes some practise!
Me with straight hair

I had a lot better luck with doing some basic straightening. If you are hopeless at doing your own hair, like I am, this is safest place to start. I was actually pretty pleased with the results. You can really see the difference between my first picture and the last picture. I love the colour of my styling iron. I will happily take just about anything in hot pink. I also like that you can adjust the temperature, and it has a very long cord. Apparently, if you know the tips and tricks you can create flips, curls, ringlets and straight styles.

I would really love to hand my GO styling iron to a professional (or just competent) person and let them do their magic with it. I know these styling irons are celeb-worthy quality. I am going to invest in a product to protect my coloured hair from drying out, and then I’m going to keep practising. Once I’ve got the knack of it hopefully I will look like this…

Emma StoneFHI Heat styling irons are available in SA at Foschini stores. You can follow them on Twitter too if you want to ask them any questions or see what they’re up to.


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