My Autumn harvest from Woolies

I’ve been in Woolworths again. Moms know time in the shops alone is precious (and short) so I make the most of it by trying to find everything in one place. Woolworths offers a big variety and the prices are pretty good. These are what I have picked up for Autumn/Winter this year.

My favourites for Autumn 2013

I can’t do high fashion, it really isn’t practical. But I can manage to look stylish, be comfortable and stay within budget (who am I kidding?) whilst squeezing in shopping between school runs. The leather-look bomber jacket and the black trench coat were both R550 (the trench has animal print lining, which I love). The boots are comfortable and the heel is just the right height for running, child-hoisting etc. They were R399. Can’t remember the cost of the other items, but they were under R200 if memory serves. I finally caved on the peplum trend and got myself a black peplum top as well. You can find all of these online at


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