East meets West BB Cream Face-off

BB Cream Faceoff

I have been waiting for months to get hold of the Eborian BB cream, and just as my patience was wearing thin, Stila introduced their new and improved Beauty Balms. I took one look at the bronzing version and it was love at first sight. With one week to go before Woolworths got the Stila version in store, a little bird told me that the Eborian was available on Style36. Now what was I to do? What any shopaholic beauty addict would do, of course. I ordered them both. I received the Eborian first. In the photos I am wearing no other makeup except mascara, to give you a better idea of the basics. The day I first tested the Eborian I was having a terrible skin day.

Eborian Before and After

I ordered the Eborian in dore, which is a tinted golden colour. I first put it on and panicked that I looked like the Oros man. I don’t think this is is the correct shade for my skin, and I should have got it in clair, a light tinted shade. My Clarins foundation, which perfectly matches my skin tone, just blends in seamlessly with my very pale skin, so this orangey tint on my skin worried me. But after a day or two I discovered that less is more. A very tiny amount blended well actually does look fine with my skin tone. The coverage is definitely lighter than my Clarins Skin Illusion foundation, so I would say it is light to medium. You would need to cover any blemishes afterwards. But having said that, there was an improvement between the state of my natural skin and how it looked after application. It did even out my skin tone and it covered some redness and dark shadows. I used it over my normal Kiehl’s moisturiser, because such a thin layer wouldn’t provide enough hydration for me. It also doesn’t provide me with all-day coverage, only until about 2pm. Now for the Stila.Stila Before and After

The Stila bronzing beauty balm is very dark for a pale skin like mine, so yet again I got a bit of a shock. I used a tiny, tiny amount and spread it far and wide to avoid looking like I had fallen face first in the mud. This made me wonder whether the factor 30 sun protection, one of the big pluses of this product, would be as effective as it should be when spread so thinly. I will have to research that. I couldn’t get the photos to really match what it looks like in real life, but I definitely look like I have been on a month-long Mediterranean holiday. This beauty balm is only going to work for me in summer, and only as long as I keep up with my self tanning routine. In case you were wondering what ten things this beauty balm does in one product, it hides imperfections and the appearance of wrinkles, reduces skin inflammation and boosts collagen production, contains antioxidants to combat free radicals, bronzes, hydrates and nourishes, amongst other things. I think this is a lovely summer holiday product which you can use to provide sun protection and a nice bronze glow, and just skip the makeup. It is light coverage, but the bronze tint makes your skin look healthy and it does disguise imperfections. It also really grew on me throughout the day, and more so over the next couple of days, looking more natural as time went on. All it needs is a bit of powder on top for a bit of extra coverage and it actually makes your skin look gorgeous. I would love to try the illuminating version of this beauty balm and see if that might be a better fit for my skin tone all year around (*see footnote).


Eborian BB Crème au Ginseng Stila 10 in 1 HD Bronzing Beauty Balm
Coverage Light to medium Light
Skin Benefits
  • Contains a combination of anti-ageing herbs, including extract of ginseng, wild yam and liquorice root


  • Contains tri-peptide 37 to reduce skin inflammation, boost collagen production and reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Oil and blemish control
  • Suits all skin tones
  • Can be used throughout summer and winter


  • Good bronzing effect
  • Gives skin a healthy-looking glow
  • Great for relaxed summer holidays


  • Coverage is light and does not last all day
  • This product doesn’t eliminate the need for moisturiser or foundation/concealer
  • Too dark for fair skin tones?
  • Too bronzing for use in winter, unless you have a darker skin tone


So in conclusion, I actually like both of these products because they both have something good to offer. I will be using my Stila Beauty Balm every day for the remainder of summer. With its high SPF and glow enhancing properties, I just love this beauty balm. When winter approaches I will have to pack it away. The Eborian I will also continue to use on the days when I am not going anywhere special and don’t need full makeup. It improves the look of my natural skin, yet still gives me a more casual, makeup-free look. You can get the Eborian BB Creme au Ginseng from Style36 (link above) for R339.95 and the Stila Bronzing Beauty Balm for R395 from selected Woolworths and Truworths stores or from Rubybox. It will probably be on Style36 and Woolworths online too in the near future.

If you are young, and/or have good skin with few or no blemishes then a BB cream is probably all you need. But if you want a really polished, flawless look, and have a bit more to hide, then you might as well stick to a normal makeup routine. If you need to use a moisturiser underneath a BB cream and makeup on top of it, then I don’t really see the point in adding an unnecessary step to your routine. But why not keep a BB cream handy for those too-busy days, off-duty days, beach days or weekends?

*I have since tried the 10-in-1 HD Illuminating Beauty Balm! Here is my review.


4 thoughts on “East meets West BB Cream Face-off

    • Mother City Mom says:

      I suggest finding them in store and testing them properly first if you spend that much money, just to find the perfect colour option. I am making do but neither were 100% right with the colour

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