Earthchild Winter Range in Store


I really love Earthchild. Their 100% organic cotton clothes are super soft and comfortable, without sacrificing the style factor. I did a post on their summer sale a while ago, but I didn’t go into much detail on the brand itself. To quote Jonathan Katz, the founder and CEO, “We at Earthchild feel strongly about building brands that are meaningful and convey our love of the planet, social conscience and ethical values”  which sums up why I love this brand so much. I also love the colours they use, which are inspired by nature and often subtle and earthy with pops of colour. In summer I buy a combination of my favourite kids’ brands, but for winter my child’s wardrobe is almost exclusively from Earthchild.

They have just launched their 2013 winter range, and it is all about adventure. I start by buying a capsule wardrobe and then adding to it through the season. These are some of my must-have items to begin with and to ward off the winter chill. 

Earthchild has also opened new stores in Cresta and Southgate, and their first international store in Majorca in Spain!

*The add-on range of winter clothes is online and in store as of 12 April 2013. See my top picks here.


Visit their site to see the whole winter range and shop online  


2 thoughts on “Earthchild Winter Range in Store

  1. katty says:

    Totally love the winter series you have introduce. Will get a few for my little girls for our trip this year end in Korea. 🙂 Will check out the summer series too. Thanks 🙂

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