Naturals Beauty Hydrating Masque and Affordable Beauty Treats

We’ve all become recessionistas over the past few years as our wallets are severely squeezed by the rising cost of petrol, food and just about everything else. Many of us have cut our beauty regimes down to the bare minimum (okay, I exclude myself from this category because my priorities are slightly skewed in favour of nice new products) or at least keep an eye out for beauty sales.

Using pure, natural and/or organic ingredients in your skincare routine does not have to cost you more. I have rounded up some fabulous budget-friendly natural products which will give your skin the TLC it deserves and make you feel pampered without emptying your wallet.Β To start off with, the amazing Naturals Beauty Hydrating Masque was one of three products I received courtesy of Naturals Beauty, and this one (at only R68) is an absolute winner. Put it this way, if you skip a Friday night pizza and treat yourself to this instead, your skin will love you forever… and so will your waistline, right?

This is a hydrating and purifying mask which will remove impurities, soothe, moisturise and nourish. When I opened the tub it immediately had a lovely smell which after a while I identified as lemongrass. Besides this scent being invigorating as well as soothing, the mask also contains lots of other wonderful natural oils like chamomile (removes impurities and reduces inflammation), soybean (moisturising and firming), evening primrose, rose geranium and avocado (moisture, elasticity, anti-wrinkle), as well as rooibos (anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory), orange fruit water and vitamin E. Many of these are certified organic, and they all do wonders for your skin. The kaolin contained in the mask draws out impurities at the same time. The mask disappears on your skin, feels creamy when you’re rinsing it off, and after 20 minutes my skin felt very smooth and looked radiant. I could hardly see any visible pores. Before applying the mask to get maximum effectiveness I first used the Naturals Beauty exfoliator from their Essentials Collection.


I also really enjoyed this product. First of all, it smells beautiful. Remember my Balm Balm Hibiscus Mask that I reviewed a while ago? I wasn’t sure if my skin would like what I have always thought of as ‘harsh’ grainy exfoliation (in that case it was ground rice powder), but this exfoliator uses ground apricot kernels and my skin didn’t object at all. There is a lot of ground apricot in this exfoliator, not like some products that have a few here and there, so it really works well. There is some debate out there as to whether you should let apricot kernels anywhere near your face, but that depends on your skin type I think. This also has cucumber and Sutherlandia extracts, avocado oil and vitamins A, E and B, so your skin is not left dried out in any way. It makes a very entertaining sound when you rub it, difficult to describe, but you will have to try it and see what I mean. This exfoliator is R87, it is definitely affordable, and exfoliation is so important for your skin!


Next on my list of budget-friendly beauty treats is my old favourite, the Naturals Beauty White Sugar ScrubΒ which I have already covered in a post of its own. It’s only R77 for a big tub and will make your skin feel totally pampered. I’m running a giveaway where you can win a tub of this, so if you haven’t entered yet you can click the link to the post. And as an added bonus, because I love the hydrating masque so much, I am going to be adding it to my giveaway, so TWO lucky readers will have a chance to win something!

Then I found two more great value products by Still Pure on which are organic and also deserve a place in the budget-friendly natural beauty category. At R36 and R28 respectively, they are an easy-on-your-wallet pick-me-up and a great gift!

All of these natural and organic beauty products can be found at or you can order direct from Naturals Beauty.


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