Shooshoos for Moms and Tots

I tried to avoid putting shoes on my daughter for as long as possible as I wanted her tiny baby feet to grow as naturally as possible. When she started walking at around 11 months and with winter setting in my go-to shoes were the soft-soled Shooshoos. They are made from proper leather, and are soft and flexible to allow for natural foot movement while protecting your baby’s feet. I love that they are designed and manufactured right here in Cape Town. As your toddler gets older you can graduate to the rubber sole versions which are more like ‘proper’ shoes. At R110 for a pair of soft-soles I think the price is reasonable and definitely worth supporting a local industry.

I saw a post on Kim Gray the other morning about Shooshoos pumps and immediately thought of the baby shoes I know and love. However, it seems that while my daughter has been busy growing up, Shooshoos have been busy adding adult items to their range. They now have a range of jeankelly ladies’ ballet pumps (and leather handbags) which are equally gorgeous and I’m willing to bet they are just as comfortable. They are designed not to show ‘toe cleavage’ which I think is fabulous because I hate that, and they are soft, genuine leather for comfort. I try on a lot of ballet pumps, but the backs are usually hard and hurt at the heel so I return them to the shelf, despite their being gorgeous.

Jeankelly Ballet Pumps

So the good news is now moms can now shop for themselves and their babies in one place at the same time, from the comfort of their homes. These ballet pumps are perfect for everyone, but I think the thought of a comfortable flat is doubly appealing to moms who have a lot of paraphernalia plus a baby to carry around. You can see the wide range of adorable ShooShoos for boys and girls online at Ordering is quick and easy, and now you have an extra incentive!


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