Stila Stay all Day Liquid Lipstick Review

After getting my heart’s desire, the Stila 10 in 1 HD Bronzing Beauty Balm, my roving eyes caught sight of a few more Stila products which I had not yet tried. Since I am trying to reign myself in budget-wise I opted for the more affordable option, the Stila Stay all Day Liquid Lipstick. I have been using the Revlon Kissable Balm Stains all summer for the simple reason that they are very long-lasting. But Autumn is here and now I am over the bright fuscia and orange summer shades, and I am looking for more wintery colours. I have also decided, possibly influenced by Taylor Swift’s style, that this winter I want to rock a red lip. The Stila Stay all Day Liquid Lipstick is R180 and promises to stick around for up to six hours.

Dolce2        Amore       Stila Stay all Day Liquid Lipstick Fiery

I ordered three shades, Dolce, Amore and Fiery. When I first applied the lipstick I was quite surprised by how it just melted into my lips. I pressed my lips together once and the sensation of having something on my lips had disappeared completely. It truly is a weightless liquid formula. I love that the colours are very accurate. What is in the tube is what ends up on your lips.

Firstly, and importantly, you have to buff and moisturise your lips very well before applying this lipstick. If you have dry lips, lines or rough bits this lipstick is going to show up every imperfection. Although it contains avocado oil and claims to provide moisture, it is a matte lipstick and is actually a bit drying after a while. I found that it lasted about 5 hours with me continually puffing on an e-cigarette, eating and drinking, but the red faded a bit quicker. I made sure to moisturise my lips again before adding another coat around mid-day. It does come off though, so don’t think you’re going to be kissing anyone wearing the Fiery shade and not leave them with red lips too!

My favourite is the Dolce, a matte, nude cinnamon shade with a hint of sparkle. It goes with everything and looks quite natural. You have to be careful about applying the Fiery, as these lipsticks are highly pigmented and really stay put. So if you apply it carelessly the results are there to stay for a good long while, unless you have makeup remover handy. Just to note, it is a blue-based red which doesn’t quite show up in the picture above. Amore is a deep plum shade with a touch of twinkle which you can see by holding the tube up to the sun. It can be adjusted darker or lighter, depending on how much you apply.

I ordered my Stila Stay all Day Liquid Lipsticks from Style36, but since I ordered I’ve noticed two of the three are out of stock. I’m sure this is temporary! There are quite a few other shades to choose from though. Otherwise there are selected Woolworths and Truworths stores which stock Stila products.


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