The Beauty of Pomegranates

When my grandmother phoned me up the other day and suggested that I write on my blog about pomegranates, I thought that fruit generally falls outside my sphere of interest. Yes, they are healthy, but in my opinion they are quite disgusting to eat. However, I discovered that pomegranates do in fact have a plethora of beauty benefits which sparked my interest.

Pomegranates are packed with free-radical fighting antioxidants, which helps prevent skin damage and therefore provides a fabulous anti-ageing boost. This is a “super fruit” which you really want in your skincare products, trust me. It is anti-inflammatory and studies have shown that it can even reduce UVB damage, thus providing a degree of protection against skin cancer. Being the beauty junkie that I am, I’m not saying you need to go out and crunch your way through an actual pomegranate (although that would do you the world of good). Instead I have rounded up some gorgeous pomegranate products for you. South Africa apparently has a pomegranate industry on the rise, but it’s difficult to find pomegranate products locally.

On I found Mioja Pomegranate Vitalising Day Cream, which is currently undergoing organic certification (which I love) so is out of stock. There is also a hand and body lotion, shampoo and conditioner made by Earthsap. I also found a well-priced pomegranate night cream on Beautiful Earth. I know Crabtree & Evelyn has a lot of fans, and you can shop directly from their South African website. These bath and body products are on the luxury end of the price scale, but they look lovely. I actually recently noticed pomegranate hand cream and soap at Woolworths. Tempting, but I am holding out for a good facial product.

Now for some exciting international finds. The Body Shop has an amazing anti-ageing pomegranate range in the UK but it doesn’t seem to be available in stores here. The saddest part is that they only deliver to the UK, so you would have to get a friend to buy and send them to you. On the upside, there are so many South Africans in the UK you are bound to know at least one of them!

Burt’s Bees does some yummy-looking pomegranate products, my top pick being the cranberry & pomegranate sugar scrub. Just my luck though, their website is down for maintenance so I can’t even investigate the shipping policies. I heard a rumour that Burt’s Bees was available from Woolworths but I’m not sure which products or if it is indeed true.

I left my personal favourite for last, the Korres range. This Greek brand uses natural ingredients and has an eco-conscience, as well as the research to back their products up. They have a pomegranate mask which I am seriously coveting, and a whole bunch of other pomegranate products as well from foundation to cleansing wipes. I found it completely maddening that they too only ship to Europe, the USA and Canada, so you can’t even order these products online if you’re in South Africa. We have credit cards in Africa too, you know!

Have you tried any pomegranate products?


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