Stila Eyeshadow and Blush Palette Review

Stila Limited Edition Palettes

Both of these Stila palettes are limited edition and I found both on Rubybox for a good price. While I was waiting for them to be delivered I read quite a few reviews about the eyeshadow palette, all of which were less than flattering. Apparently the shadows are not the usual highly-pigmented Stila quality and many people were disappointed. I haven’t tried any Stila eyeshadows before, so I have nothing to compare these with, but I have to say that personally I was impressed by this palette. Firstly, the compact is actually much bigger than it looks – about the size of a DVD. Some of the shades do look similar, but they are all nice neutral colours which I can easily wear on a daily basis, and perfect for creating a brown smokey eye.

Eyeshadow Shades

I tried out a combination of ray, sun, starlight and pigalle and found them easier to pick up and smudge on with my finger and then blend with a brush. I was seriously impressed by how long the shadow lasted. After more than seven hours my eyes still looked the same, no melting and no creasing.

The blush palette was so pretty with its gold lettering I didn’t really want to mess it up, but I did. The gold letters dissolved with the first swipe of the brush, unfortunately. I was hoping they would go all the way through the palette and add a hint of gold to the pinks. I did get a slight hint of shimmer though which made my cheeks glow. I love the colour of this blush as I think it suits my skin tone and it is a refreshing change from the bronze shades I usually use. You could also use the four pink shades individually if you wanted to. Because this palette is limited edition it might be hard to find, but Stila’s Custom Colour Self-Adjusting blush that reacts with the pH level of your skin looks fabulous too.

I think these palettes are winners. A bit more time consuming than my usual routine but well worth it. As I type this I think they have sold out on Rubybox because I can’t find them in the online store any more, but you might have some luck picking them up somewhere else online. Failing that, get your hands on one of Stila’s other amazing eyeshadow palettes like the In The Light or In The Moment Eyeshadow Palette for R394.95. This might be the only eyeshadow palette you need, will last for ages and I can vouch for the quality. 


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