Stila Lip Glaze

Anyone who loves lip gloss – and I know there are some addicts out there – will love the Stila lip glazes. They are usually R165 each and come in a great array of colours, but you can get really good value for money by buying one of Stila’s limited edition lip glaze trios. They are slightly smaller than the usual lip glazes, but come in the same click pen and you get three colours for about R139 – the perfect way to save money, try out the product and prettify your lips. I took advantage (um, twice) of the special on Rubybox where you get a free Flower Power Lip Glaze Trio with any Stila product purchase. I also found some lip glaze trios on international sites like which do free shipping. When I get around to going wild on Beautybay I plan to add the Fiesta lip trio to my chart.

The Flower Power trio includes the colours Peach Blossom, Pink Orchid and Lilac. I also bought a full size lip glaze in Kitten, one of my favourite Stila shades which is neutral and shimmery. I quite like the click pen concept, but most people complain about it online. It does take about 30 twists or clicks before you get some gloss on the mini brush to start with, but thereafter about three or four twists gives me enough to work with. I think it helps ensure you don’t use too much of the gloss at a time. The Flower Power gloss trio have a nice fruity scent, and the Kitten shade smells deliciously like coconut.

Stila Lip Glazes

The lip glaze is thick and sticky, as lip gloss often is, but it is quite long lasting. I found it didn’t come off much on a glass when drinking, for example. It’s quite difficult to remove. But if it is a windy day you will want to tie your hair back! The colours in the Flower Power trio are sheer but noticeable, and all three have some sparkle included. My favourite is the Peach Blossom which shows the sparkle the most. Kitten is really neutral and just gives your lips a lot of shine, plumpness and tiny hint of colour  I love to layer it over other lipsticks like the Stay all Day Liquid Lipstick in Dolce to give an otherwise matte lipstick some shimmer. In the picture below I have shown Kitten on its own and over the lipstick I have just mentioned.

Lip Glaze Swatches


4 thoughts on “Stila Lip Glaze

  1. Lauren says:

    I have been seriously umming and aahhing over that trio pack on the RubyBox site. I love that the colours are only slightly tinting instead of a full colour!

    Great review 🙂

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