Dream Bag Closing Down Sale

dream bag sale


It is sad to hear that Dream Bag is closing down, because their baby sleeping bags are really snuggly and useful. I started off using Baby Sense sleeping bags, but because they only go up to 18 months I was left with a gap which Dream Bag filled perfectly with their 18 to 36 month size. Perfect for ensuring your baby or toddler doesn’t kick off their bedding at night and keeping their temperature stable, these sleeping bags come in different togs for different seasons. There is also a variety of cute designs. The sale price is R200 for age 0-6 months and R220 for age 6-18 and 18-36 months. You can email liza@smartmom.co.za to get a sale order form. These would make a great gift for any friends or family who have a new baby or are expecting one!

In the future Dream Bags are still available from the UK website www.thedreambag.co.uk and they do ship internationally.

Dream Bag


2 thoughts on “Dream Bag Closing Down Sale

  1. Chereen Strydom says:

    This is such sad news! I’ve been thinking about getting one of these for my 11 week old son for weeks – perfect for the chilly weather we’re having at the moment! I’m definitely going to order a couple. Thanks for the heads up!

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