Tranquil Body Treats for the whole Family

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I started to care about the ingredients in products after I became a mom, because I wanted to give my baby the best of everything. For the first time I started to consider the possible effects of ingredients like parabens, sulphates and petrochemicals, especially as my daughter suffered two or three episodes of contact dermatitis. I started by looking for organic baby products like Enchantrix bum balm, baby lotion and baby wash.

I gradually moved on to look for the same natural ingredients in my own skincare, and I get an enormous amount of satisfaction from knowing that Tranquil Body Treats actually makes their products on order to ensure maximum freshness, using natural ingredients which are sourced from fair trade suppliers or organically grown. It is great for your skin, but the gentle approach to creating the products is also helping the environment too. They contain no parabens, sulphates, mineral oil or alcohol, and of course do not test on animals.

I love that Tranquil Body Treats has products for everyone in the family, from shaving cream for men to bum balm for babies to anti-aging skincare. I ordered the anti-age mask for myself because I can’t resist giving my skin a treat, and I also ordered a bubblegum bath sherbet for my child. Leigh-Ann Burger, who founded Tranquil Body Treats, was kind enough to add a quince hand mousse to my order for me to review. This product is one of her favourites, and I can appreciate why.

A body mousse, or hand mousse in this case, is lighter and fluffier than a body butter as it has basically been whipped like cream and contains less Shea butter and more deionised water. So you need to apply it to dry skin. The Shea butter and wheat germ oil contained in the mousse are excellent moisturizers which prevent your hands from drying out and keep your skin soft and supple. The best thing about this hand mousse is that it absorbs immediately and doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy at all. The quince scent is unusual but pleasant and subtle. I liked the simple but cheerful packaging of this.

The Revitalize Anti-age Mask contains kaolin to exfoliate, cleanse and soothe the skin and a combination of lavender to rehydrate, geranium for cell replenishment and neroli for wrinkles. It comes in a powder form just like the Balm Balm mask I have, which I think is necessary if you’re working with completely natural products containing no preservatives. I loved the suggestion that you mix the powder with milk to form a paste. Very Cleopatra! This is suitable for normal, sensitive and dry skin. When you open the tub it has a very strong scent, mostly of neroli (I got quite a citrus blast) so if you don’t like strongly scented products then perhaps avoid this one. But it is good to know that the fragrance is not synthetic but from natural oils. Personally I love anything that smells nice! My skin felt a little tight after I washed the mask off because didn’t moisturise right afterwards, but my skin did look smooth and toned. The kaolin seems to be quite deep cleansing as well as absorbs excess oil. My advice is don’t hang around too long before you continue with your moisturizing routine. I also think this mask would work very nicely for people with slightly oily or combination skin, but that’s just my opinion.

The Kids Bath Sherbet comes in bubblegum or strawberry vanilla, and contains minerals and oils to nourish your child’s skin while making bath time loads of fun. They also make bubble bath, shampoo and other products for kids, including adorable teddy bear clay soaps. The bubblegum bath sherbet looked blue on their website but is in fact white, which was a little disappointment as I was hoping it would add colour to the bathwater. My child, who will not bath unless it involves colors, bubbles or an entire pack of jumbo Lego, looked forward to using this and the bubblegum scent was enough to make her happy.


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