On My Radar

I have been online window shopping as usual and decided to update what is on my radar at the moment. It might give you some ideas if, like me, you’re always looking for something new to add to your box of treasures. I discovered the new Stila skincare range on www.beautybay.com and we don’t get it here so I’m so excited to try it out in the future. We also don’t get the Perfect and Correct Foundation here either, so I will definitely be ordering that online too when funds are available. I’ve just ordered the Stila Illuminating Beauty Balm, because I’ve tried the bronzing one (see post here) and this one looks like a perfect winter fit. So expect a post on this soon!

The ultimate item on my wishlist is the Bee Venom Eyes from Heaven by Deborah Mitchell, an organic skincare range from the UK (rumoured to be used by Kate Middleton and the Duchess of Cornwall). It works out to about R753 at the current exchange rate, which is not exactly cheap but worth it for a completely natural alternative to botox, right? Lastly, I just wanted to mention the Karora range of tanning products. These are completely eco-friendly and organic, with skincare benefits too. I was promised a sample from the USA, which I hope I receive so that I can review it for everyone!


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