Teach your child to Save The Earth

I recently got this amazing children’s book from the library and have been meaning to share it with other moms out there who are looking for ways to explain these concepts to their children. I Can Save the Earth by Alison Inches is part of the Little Green Books series, which are made from recycled paper and teach children about environmental issues. The main character is Max, a little green monster who litters, wastes water and electricity and spends all day watching TV. As Max realizes how beautiful nature is he learns to recycle, reduce and reuse. This story makes it easy to explain to children why lights should be switched off, why we need to save water and that recycling and using instead of littering will help keep the world beautiful. The illustrations are fun and colourful and really made an impression on my three year old, who would much rather follow the example set by a fuzzy monster role model than just listen to mom’s instructions (no matter how wise my words might be, they tend to be taken with a pinch of salt for some reason. Although she does believe that our car has a button which makes it sprout wings, which we cannot use on residential roads and are only for emergencies. Don’t know why I made that story up, I just couldn’t resist). The other books in the series include I Can Save The Ocean by the same author, as well as other books covering endangered animals, recycling and fun ideas for reusing old items. Have you ever thought of having a toy swap where your child can exchange old toys with friends, if they are ready to let go of them? After reading I Can Save The Earth my child, using her own initiative, filled a black bag with toys which she has outgrown, ready to give to disadvantaged children or swap with friends. The Little Green Books not only help develop eco-awareness but apparently a conscience too.

20130407-154944.jpgYou can buy this book from www.takealot.com for only R40. Or next time you are in a book store why not ask if they stock Little Green Books?


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