Ofra Cosmetics Concealer Tri-Pot

It seems a few beauty blogs have been writing about Ofra Cosmetics lately, and I don’t want to seem like I am jumping on the bandwagon, but after having mentioned them a couple of times earlier this year I finally got to see the makeup in action at my sister-in-law’s wedding early this month. She had David Sharp to do her makeup with Ofra, and she looked absolutely stunning. I am going to do a wedding-related post later this month so you can see her bridal makeup, and maybe give the single and engaged ladies out there some wedding ideas. 


I have been wanting to try Ofra for a few months, and mentioned as much on Twitter. Lo and behold, this week the Ofra Fairy visited and dropped off a Concealer Tri-pot (thank you, Vicki!). It includes three shades in one compact: amber, lite beige and medium, so you can mix and match the shade to your skin tone perfectly. There is also a Concealer Tri-pot for darker skin tones, and some interesting corrector tri-pots including shades of mint, lilac and yellow. Some key ingredients are aloe vera, cucumber to calm the skin, and jojoba oil for a glide-on application. Whether you need to cover a blemish or deal with under-eye shadows, you can get the perfect match and very long-lasting coverage.

Concealer tri-pot


I found it very easy to apply with a small brush. It took several hours before it started settling into one or two fine under-eye lines, but one quick and gentle swipe under each eye blended it right in again, so I didn’t consider this a big problem. I will be experimenting with using it over an eye primer as well. This concealer lasts amazingly well and stays put all day. The thing about testing a concealer is that unfortunately you have to show everyone your icky blemishes and dark shadows to show how well the concealer works! Hence the sad face. I am wearing makeup too in the second picture though, not only concealer:pizap.com13661141270933

I was after a Clinique Airbrush Concealer a while back, and because they didn’t have my shade in stock the salesperson talked me into another “line smoothing” concealer in completely the wrong shade. It creased up and deposited itself in any lines immediately, essentially highlighting them. I am ashamed to admit that after trying to make it work (unsuccessfully) a few times I was too shy to return it. A total waste of money. So the Ofra Cosmetics Concealer Tri-pot was heaven-sent. It is hypo-allergenic and dermatalogically tested, and the best thing about Ofra Cosmetics in general is that they are not tested on animals, nor do they use any animal ingredients.

Ofra has a skin care range as well, which I am seriously interested in trying. Their website is a bit of a treasure trove, and I have found so many products I would love to have, but I suppose I will have to get them over time as necessity dictates. I am planning to attend a workshop with David Sharp soon to learn more and find some products just right for me! Have a look for yourself at www.ofracosmetics.co.za and let me know which products you are coveting! Or follow them for new products and specials OfraCosmeticsSouthAfrica or @OFRACosmeticssa.


4 thoughts on “Ofra Cosmetics Concealer Tri-Pot

  1. OrdinaryMisfit says:

    Love this post. Thank you so much for sharing. I loved your pics, you look s suitably sad (I say suitably because that is the look you were after :P) but my oh my aren’t you a pretty little lady!!!

  2. CharlieW says:

    Great post and review!! Love your pics 🙂 This set looks AMAZING! I really struggle to find a concealer that actually does what it promises, and doesn’t look cakey. This is now on my wishlist! xx

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