Bourjois, Ooh La La!

I have been seeing the French makeup brand Bourjois on Style36 for ages, but I never got around to trying it. Apparently they are being sold or are going to be sold in Clicks stores, but I have yet to find any except online. To cut a long story short, I snapped up some Bourjois items on the Style36 beauty sale last week for ridiculously low prices, and now I am feeling like the cat who got the cream.


The Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation was on sale in two shades, so I chose shade 52 Vanilla and hoped for the best. The makeup gods obviously wanted me to have this, because the shade matched my skin perfectly! What I love about it is:

1. It contains a mix of antioxidant super fruits like pomegranate, lychee and goji berry.

2. It comes in a nice, airtight pump bottle and one pump is enough to cover your face.

3. It is very light coverage so looks completely natural, but evens out the skin well.

3. It is easy to blend and doesn’t look cakey at all.

4. It has a strong fruity smell. Some people might not like this, but I do.

I find this foundation quite hydrating, and it doesn’t dry out my skin during the day. I hope the fruit extracts are doing something good for my skin while I’m wearing it, but I can’t really say! It claims to last for 16 hours, but I honestly haven’t tried to wear makeup for that long at a time. I apply it over moisturiser in the early mornings and it is still looking good by 6.30pm or so when I take it off, so I can confirm that it definitely lasts at least 12 hours. It is light coverage, but a bit of concealer over any stand-out marks is all I need. In summary, I’m loving it. Not so much my make-up free face below (hide your eyes).


Then I also got two limited edition Effet 3D glosses in Coral and Pink. The pink one I did a little swatch of and it doesn’t have much, if any, colour to it. I popped that one in my bandwagonbox so I can’t review it. I kept the coral gloss, which also doesn’t have much pigment. It gives a mere hint of colour, and noticeable shine and plumpness to your lips. I use this on days when I’ve glammed up my eyes a bit and want nude lips. The best thing about these Bourjois lip glosses is that a) they aren’t thick and sticky and b) they are really moisturising so they double as a lip balm.


I liked both of my sale products so much that I went back and ordered two more products at the regular price, a Little Round Pot Blush and an Intense EyeShadow. I will be posting a separate review of these this week, so watch out for it!

Now, what about Bourjois as a brand? What are their animal testing policies?

Well, they started in Paris in 1863 as stage makeup and then just went from strength to strength. When I bought my first products I immediately started investigating their animal testing policies, and I think it is safe to say they DO NOT test on animals. They state that their ingredients and finished products are not tested, and – here’s the kicker – they do not sell their products in China, only in Hong Kong and Korea where they do not require animal testing by law. It is generally when companies ditch their morals and ethics for the sake of making money in China that you know they are conducting animal testing at some stage. And they need a smack. I got email confirmation of this from Bourjois on and found some research done by The Bunny Beautiful on the original Healthy Mix Foundation review here.


7 thoughts on “Bourjois, Ooh La La!

    • Mother City Mom says:

      I especially love the fruity foundation and the blush. The eyeshadow is nice but doesn’t last all day. If you don’t mind touching up, it is good for the price, and also convenient little pots to tuck in your bag. I might be a bit biased towards Stila though!

  1. bambooblossom says:

    I really want to try the Healthymix products, I’ve heard so many good things about them. So many companies I thought were safe to use are selling in China, it sucks.

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