Monday Mantra

I admit to being a Monday lover. Everyone else bemoans the end of the weekend and schlepping back to work, but for me it means my child is enjoying her mornings at school and I get some precious rest/blogging/work/reading/shopping time all to myself. This week I am starting on an even more positive note than usual, because I have some good things to come! This week my bandwagonbox will arrive (read about this fun initiative here) and hopefully my fabulous MUA makeup prize from Gee Whiskers! Lots to try out, enjoy and share on my blog = happiness. And my sister (in law) is back from her honeymoon which I am so excited about! Lots of photos to see and chats to indulge in over the next weeks.


One thought on “Monday Mantra

  1. Tammy Perry says:

    Seems we are both going to have an amazing week!! I’m also getting my bandwagonbox and a makeup hamper this week! Great times hey #bandwagon buddy! I am THRILLED that you won the MUA hamper!! *High5*

    Well, I don’t need to tell you to have a super week…so I will just send you a BEEG hug instead!

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