Tuesday Travel | Wish I were here…

Well, I mentioned on my last Tuesday Travelog that I haven’t been on holiday since the Amalfi Coast. That is four long years! Now that I have been through all my photo albums and run out of places to write travelogs about, my new travel series “Wish I were here…” is a bit of sofa travel and wishful thinking. Who doesn’t like to look at amazing pictures and dream a bit? My first dream destination is here…


Santorini in Greece is somewhere I have always wanted to visit. Perched on the rim of an old volcanic crater in the Aegean, I would say these villages have one of the best views in the world! It is whitewashed Greek perfection in my opinion. This is the best place to escape the traffic and the winter rain, swim in clear, warm water, ride donkeys, watch the sunset, eat tasty and healthy Mediterranean food, and just relax.

You can fly to Greece with a few airlines, and Turkish Air via Istanbul seems to be one of the more affordable options (although I am still only finding flights in the R10 000 to R13 000 + range so not sure if that term applies). Maybe I am still stuck on 2008 prices! There are about six flights a day between Athens and Santorini in the summer months, and they are only about 40 minutes. I would rather take the ferry though, even if it is a seven hour trip. I just love boats; maybe I was a pirate in a past life! Arrrrg.

*Pictures courtesy of http://ww4.sinaimg.cn / http://www.flickr.com / Pinterest (unnamed sources)


6 thoughts on “Tuesday Travel | Wish I were here…

  1. Tammy Perry says:

    Oh my word! That looks amazing! Wish I was there too! Meet you there later for cocktails and sunset watching? *sigh*

  2. City Girl Vibe says:

    Ever since watching the sisterhood of the traveling pants this place captured my heart. Def the second place I’m going to visit when my studies pays off oneday. Loved this post!

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