My April Bandwagonbox

The bandwagonbox started as a good idea, and then a lot of people jumped on the bandwagon…hence the name! A group of ten of us are paired up every two months and send each other a box of treats based on a theme. This month’s box had a beauty theme. It is such a warm, fuzzy feeling to receive a parcel in the post, and such a great surprise when you open it. Here is the beautiful box I received from Tammy!

My box was jam-packed with goodies and I am not sure where to start. I loved the pink notebook with “Shopaholics I met and liked” on the front, and the cupcake pen which went with it. I will use it to jot down blog ideas in the future! There was also a beautiful Accessorize purse, which will make a very pretty little makeup bag for me to carry my lipsticks and essentials in. Other highlights were the Lancôme samples. Even though it is on my no-no list for purchasing due to animal testing issues I am more than happy to use these samples as I haven’t funded any evil experiments in the process. The Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate is going on my face ASAP.


I think if I went through everything in there I would end up with half a novel, but there were great bath time products, a face mask, a hair treatment, lip balm, a Payot sample, soaps, body washes and a cute owl nail file… and I’m probably forgetting some things too! Tammy even sent my daughter her very own parcel, which she was thrilled about. She is slathering her lips with Barbie cupcake lip balm as we speak! Can’t wait for the next “winter warmer” themed bandwagonbox in June.


4 thoughts on “My April Bandwagonbox

  1. Charlene says:

    Lovely box! The budget is a rough guideline so that people don’t end up with a box like the now infamous beauty boxes that let us down. I am very glad at everyone is enjoying this 🙂 I haven’t gotten round to doing a post on my bandwagon box but I did post a photo up in our forum.

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