Tuesday Travel | Wish I were here…

I know I recently did a Tuesday Travelog about my trip to the Amalfi Coast (you can read it here), but it has to go in the Wish I Were Here series because I do with I was there, pretty much most of the time in winter! I could happily spend summer in South Africa and then spend our entire winter over there enjoying their summer. 365 days a year of sun would be ideal for me, because I am solar powered.

How is that for a room with a view?

How is that for a room with a view?

I checked on Travelstart (www.travelstart.co.za for those of you looking for the quickest, easiest way to compare flights) and you can fly from Cape Town to Rome via Dubai with Emirates for R7500 return, which is not too bad! Once you’re in Rome you can take a train to Naples, and from there either a ferry or a train to Sorrento, which is a good base to explore from. The highlights for me are 1) the amazing beaches 2) all the boating 3) The Isle of Capri 4) exploring the quaint almost-vertical cliffside towns.

It’s going to be a killer on your thigh muscles if you are unfit, but it will be worth it! This is also the home of all things lovely and lemony, so make sure you try the lemon soaps, limoncello and anything else lemon you can think of. Also the perfect place for buying beautiful coral jewellery! Below is Positano, which just sums up the Amalfi Coast for me.


And Ravello, such a beautiful town to explore. If you’re not just lazing your days away on a boat or under a colourful beach umbrella, that is!


There is just something so romantic and whimsical about this place…


*Pictures courtesy of: tr0pical-dreams.tumblr.com4.bp.blogspot.comsophisticated-sass.tumblr.com and other Pinterest sources.


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