Style36 brings style, speed & convenience to the Mother City

Just a quick heads up, if you haven’t gotten around to checking your mail yet this morning. Style36, one of my two favourite online shopping destinations, has upped the ante and is now offering SAME DAY service in Cape Town! Not only is delivery free, but you also have the option of paying on delivery (no need to use your credit card online if you’re wary, or wait for the EFT to clear). And their latest offering is Trial on Spot, where you can try your purchase while the delivery guy waits, and send it back with him if you’re not happy. No need to go to any hassle if that pair of shoes doesn’t fit!

I use Style36 to order my favourite beauty products which are not easily accessible to me in the shops. Getting hold of Stila makeup means a trip to Canal Walk or the V&A, which means time, traffic and petrol costs. Bourjois I can’t find anywhere except online. Our local Dischem is always out of stock of Bioderma cleanser… the list goes on. All these amazing beauty products are available at Style36, and now us Mother City ladies can get them delivered on the same day without leaving home or even having to pay online. That is some seriously good service!

Why not have a look at what’s on offer right now? A bit of online window shopping never hurt anyone…


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