MUA Makeup Academy Review (Part 2)

After my super lengthy Part 1 ramblings about MUA Makeup Academy you might wonder what else I possibly have to say. Well, since I was so sad about the mosaic blushers being destroyed en route, and about the customs duty shock, I was completely thrilled to win a whole MUA hamper from Charlene (of GeeWhiskers fame, the lucky one who orders this stuff like mad and never pays customs). So I thought I would do a quick review of my exciting parcel. I borrowed the photo from because it is so pretty!

Giveaway Prize

Now, I made a deal with a friend on Twitter that if either of us won we would share, so the Love Hearts Lip Balm and the mascara I am giving to her. So I can’t very well start swatching them and trying them out! So, first up is the eyeshadow palette. I am going to do a post explaining my sudden and recent love of eyeshadow soon.


The palette I got is called Glamour Days, and it includes much more adventurous colours than the undressed palette. I actually don’t own purple or grape or turquoise eyeshadow so they were fun to play with. The quality of the shadows is good, it goes on and blends easily and the colour is really intense. I just brushed on some of the metallic pink, the purple, the grape colour, the turquoise and the blue to give an idea of how well it shows up.

Glamour Days Swatches

Then I was quite excited to get my sticky fingers into the cream blush since I only own powder blushers. This is a nice, light pink that suits my fair skin really well. It is very sheer and blends nicely, giving you a very subtle flush. It’s easy to build up as well. I really like this, but the only downside is that it doesn’t really last all day the way a powder blush does.

Blush Perfection Cream Blush

Blush sample

Then the lipstick, the one thing I am still not sure about. I love the clever packaging. The bottom screws off and contains some lipstick or perhaps a coordinating balm in the cap. This makes using a brush very easy, but there is no explanation as to what it is actually for. The lipstick itself is a shade called ‘Nectar’ which is a soft coral. I have actually been wanting a coral lipstick but I am not mad about the formula. It doesn’t adhere to my lips very well, and really sticks on any rough bits. I got it to look okay in the photos though, over some Rosebud Salve.

Lipstick in Nectar

Lipstick Swatch

Charlene also absolutely spoiled me with a lot of other surprises in my parcel like a beautiful bargamot, neroli and sandalwood soap in a tin (which I keep eyeing at Woolworths and then not justifying to myself), some Body Shop Satsuma hand cleanser that smells amazing, and these really handy LA Colors nail polish remover pads. All extremely useful and I love them all! My final thoughts on MUA? Some of the products are better quality than others, but they’re great for the price and such a fun brand! You could go a bit mad on their site


4 thoughts on “MUA Makeup Academy Review (Part 2)

  1. Charlene says:

    Glad you like your products! 🙂 The eyeshadows are definitely the better products to get. I tried ordering again (for a few other people who entered the giveaway) so will see if I have to pay customs.

    • Mother City Mom says:

      I forgot to add I love the brushes too! 🙂 I find the palettes so difficult to open I have to pry them open with a hair clip because my nails are bitten off. But I love the shadows!

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