My Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! Not only am I a mom, but today I am celebrating my own mom who is so special, my biggest supporter and best friend. She is such a genuinely nice person who never speaks badly of anyone, always sees the best in everything and never expects anything. She is a way better mother than I am, and I aspire to her kindness, selflessness and cheerfulness. One day I can only hope that my daughter is as in awe of me as I am of my own mom.

Me and my mom

Since my husband admitted he didn’t even know today was Mother’s Day and my child is only three, I wasn’t expecting to get spoilt or get any gifts. So I decided to get myself something to make me feel fabulous – the Valentina perfume by Valentino which I fell in love with last December. It was in a gift box with a matching body lotion and it was begging me to take it home. So, I thought at the very least I am going to smell amazing, even though nobody is going to let me sleep in, bring me breakfast in bed or get me a gift.

20130512-154252.jpgI was right about having to get up at 5:21 am, but my husband took me to Primi Piatti for breakfast later on and I got a Woolworths voucher which is either going towards Dr Hauschka cleanser and toner or some more Stila makeup. Tough choice! So I ended up getting spoiled and doing a lot of spoiling, and my day was really nice! I hope my mom’s was as well. xxx


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