I tried the Woolworths Earth Friendly range

I have decided that going as natural as possible with my skincare, boycotting makeup brands that test on animals and refusing to buy anything made by Unilever or Johnson & Johnson’s for the same reason is not quite enough. I did a post after Earth Hour about what we are doing in our household regarding recycling, energy saving and rainwater collection, but I wanted to take eco-friendliness a step further. So I decided to switch my cleaning products to the Woolworths Earth Friendly range and see if the grass is really greener on the ‘greener’ side.

I am really loving the Earth Friendly Dishwashing Liquid (R31.95) with pear essential oil. It smells nice and works just as well as Sunlight. It is also safe for use in houses with septic tanks so I can take it along to our cottage in Franschoek instead of using the weird green ‘cleans everything and anything’ liquid we have stashed under the sink there. I don’t even know what that stuff is intended for, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t dishes.

Dishwashing liquid

The switch from my tried and tested laundry detergent to the Earth Friendly Laundry Liquid (R69.95) was a bit fraught. When you have a child who gets mud, chocolate, jelly, sauce, juice and other questionable stains on every item of clothing every single day, you want to know you can trust the washing powder. But it got most stains out, except the greasy food ones. You need to pre-treat these stains first. The baby version has lavender and chamomile extracts, and the one I got was lemongrass.

laundry liquid

Lastly I tried the Carpet and Fabric Stain Remover (R29.95). It has lime extract in it, so it smells very nice. Our domestic worker managed to use the three quarters of the bottle up in two days, but after my initial shock I discovered she had been having a serious go at the four years worth of accumulated stains (yes, kids will do that to your expensive carpet). I have to admit it has made more progress on removing the stains than other brands I have tried, and it left our lounge smelling divine.

Carpet and Fabric stain remover

Woolworths’ Earth Friendly range includes washing powder pods in lavender and vanilla, toilet cleaner, granite cleaner, oven cleaner, wood polish, all purpose cleaner… You name it, they’ve got a nicer, non-toxic version with extracts of essential oils. I am so impressed with Woolworths’ drive for sustainability and environmental awareness that I want to support them. And as a mom you just feel a bit more comfortable not having a lot of toxic chemicals around the house. You can have a look at the whole range online here.


8 thoughts on “I tried the Woolworths Earth Friendly range

  1. Tammy Perry says:

    Thanks for this! I think I must just give it a try! Love that it is all natural, works GREAT and smells so nice! I could literally smell the products through your post…I LOVE lemongrass flavour!

    • Mother City Mom says:

      The whole downstairs had a nice smell after the washing was done! And the carpet cleaner also made the whole room smell nice, and works like a bomb if you use quite a lot of it. I also like that the dish liquid is natural, I don’t mind just using it to wash my hands or whatever.

  2. OrdinaryMisfit says:

    Thanks so much for sharing! I am always so scared to just change ‘tried and tested’ products so it is always great to get a real user review. I would also love to go more green.

    Cutting out products and companies that are not cruelty free just doesn’t seem to be enough any more 😉

    • Mother City Mom says:

      I can really recommend these. I would try the washing powder pods but you need two for a full load, so it only does 12 loads and is quite expensive. The other products are really reasonably priced.

      • OrdinaryMisfit says:

        That’s a great point. Our washing machine manufacturer recommends liquid detergent anyway so maybe it is a good idea to try that first.

        I must have a look at the list, I hardly ever use dishwashing liquid because of the dishwasher so will check if they have products for that too.
        Thanks again!

  3. Charlene ♡ (@Gee_Whiskers) says:

    These sound great. I am going to be replacing my cleaning products with these as soon as I get through them. I use Eco Soft washing powder because it is safe to drain all the soapy, dirty laundry water into the garden. Saves me a lot (of time and money) on watering the small patch of grass 😛

  4. Ginny says:

    Great post. The cleaning products apparently are made with all biodegradable ingredients, safe for septic tanks etc. and do work. Can’t say the same about the body range though, which contains chemicals and SLS’s, so do feel that Woolworths need to re-look at there ingredients there, and not market them as Earth Friendly. Unfortunately Charlene, Eco Soft has been taken off the market. I too used that 😦

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