A month worth of makeup!

I saw an article somewhere about a beauty blogger who is wearing a different lipstick every day for a year and photo-documenting it. So for fun I thought I would take a photo of my makeup every day for a month, so I can look back and see what looks I like the most, how often I stick to one “face” or mix things up. I have been putting each day’s makeup on Instagram, but here is a round-up of my 30 makeup looks.

In retrospect it is highly self-indulgent, even narcissistic to take 30 photos of yourself for no really valid reason, but I had fun doing it and I’ve learned a bit about myself. I think makeup makes a big difference to your self confidence and your mood. I’ve been amazed at the difference eyeshadow and eyeliner can make, and I’ve discovered that I’d rather highlight my eyes than my lips. It’s nice to have a picture record so that you can recreate looks you really like. Why not start a makeup diary?


8 thoughts on “A month worth of makeup!

  1. Lauren says:

    I love this and I think you are right, your eyes are your biggest asset here 🙂 Highlight them and keep your lips more “natural/nudey”

  2. Mother City Mom says:

    Thanks guys for the nice comments! It was actually quite fun. And I hate having my photo taken, but I’ve discovered Instagram filters make you look much more acceptable! I think I’ve got a bit addicted to photographing my makeup every day. People must think I’m completely vain. 😛

  3. Tammy Perry says:

    Bronwyn…this is SUCH a cool idea!! I love that you can see day to day what you look like…I think this would encourage me to be more creative cos I feel like I look the same EVERY DAY!! BORING! Wow girl…you have SUCH amazing eyes!

  4. CharlieW says:

    What a great idea! When I like a look, I tend to do it over, and over, and over! Then I move to the next one. You inspired me to ‘shake it up’ a bit. Day 13 and 29 are my favourites xx

  5. Mother City Mom says:

    I have to admit it forced me to try different things! And I thought it is a fun idea to share, maybe people want to try it. If you know you have to take a daily photo you start thinking out the box and trying to make yourself look a bit different from the day before. Else I know I would take the easy route every time 🙂

  6. fayinthemaze says:

    stunning pics! i have a few favourites but i realised there is a running theme to them, definitely the more natural looks that emphasise your eyes 🙂 the public holiday, smokey eyes, winged eyeliner and light contouring look amazing on you!

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