Rain Biologie Mineral Rich Hair Mud Mask

Rain Biologie

I got home to find a surprise delivery waiting for me a while ago! Maybe a little bird told Rain Africa that I have been dreaming about trying the Mineral Rich Hair Mud Mask from their Biologie range. You might remember I did a post on the Manketti & Star Flower Scrub a while ago, and this hair mask is from the same amazing range. I love the way the products in this range smell, not traditionally girly but very zen and spa-like! The scent of the Mineral Rich Hair Mud Mask can be described as unisex and slightly spicy.

Close up of label

The mask is made from “organic mud from a 30 000 year old fresh water lake…in eastern Europe” and is designed to give your hair a major moisture boost. It also contains organic marula oil which reduces dryness and breakage, sourced from fallen marula fruit in the African bush. You can also find jojoba oil, spearmint leaf oil, sesame oil, wheat protein and coconut oil on the ingredients list. Of course, like all Rain products, this isn’t tested on animals.


I struggle to get my hair colour to behave itself, as it is coloured, and I rely heavily on purple-tinted blonde shampoos and conditioners to keep it from going a bit brassy. On the day I tried this hair mask my hair was looking a bit dodgy so I was worried about the effect brown mud would have on my hair colour. You need a bit of time on your hands to use this product, because it needs to be applied to towel-dried hair and then left for 10-30 minutes before rinsing. Perfect for some weekend pampering! I left it for the full 30 minutes to get the maximum benefit.

I was really pleased with the end result. I left my hair to dry naturally and my colour wasn’t affected at all. In fact, the strange orange tint it had acquired before washing had disappeared, and my hair was nice and flaxen blonde again. So I can recommend this hair mask for colour-treated hair. My hair also felt incredibly soft and silky, so I can guarantee that this product does what it sets out to do, provide hydration and give your hair an injection of good stuff. Below is what my hair looked like afterwards with no blow drying, styling or even brushing. Nice and shiny!

My hair afterwardsYou can get this in Rain stores (click for store directory) or via their website www.rainafrica.com/za/. And why not follow them on Twitter or Facebook for product updates?


3 thoughts on “Rain Biologie Mineral Rich Hair Mud Mask

  1. Sera Hogben says:

    Thanks for the lovely blog, its always nice to get feedback on how the products work on different people. You must try our 100% natual Shampoo and Conditioner, I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks now and am very pleased with the result!

    Sera – Rain Forest Day Spa Swellendam

  2. City Girl Vibe says:

    Lovely review! I’m def getting this when I head down to the new Cavendish Store. I’ve got some weird skin problem, very similar to eczema but I don’t have that dry patchy look. Every few month my scalp becomes very flakey, dry and itchy. I was wondering if this would be gentle enough on my scalp? And now that I know it will benefit my Ombre, I’m very keen on trying it. Do you perhaps know the price of it?

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