The one where Eye Spy Stila…

Okay, so I have done two combo posts to cover my latest and greatest Stila goodies. This one covers eye makeup and the other is on lip products. Otherwise I run a risk of writing a hundred posts on individual Stila products and people may start to think I am completely one-dimensional, not to mention obsessed and insane. The first to mention is the Smudge Crayon, a primer, liner and shadow combination (shown above in shades Umber and Smoke) which glides on easily, stays moist long enough to smudge if you are using it as a shadow, and then dries to a finish which really stays put.

The other eye liner option I have tried is the Stila Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Liner in Rock Candy. I love the flecks of gold in it which you can see in the swatch. Liquid liner can be difficult to get right, but this is way more forgiving than pitch black liquid liner because the brown isn’t that dark and it is quite reflective. So, instead of writing half a novel I thought I would make videos to summarize my thoughts on the above products. Because I’m all about Stila videos these days 🙂


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