I got my hands on some sinfully good primer potion

A while back I published a post to search for some ladies to do an Urban Decay eyeshadow primer sharing scheme with me, since I couldn’t fathom why anybody would need four eyeshadow primers, albeit in different variations. To my delight it worked out brilliantly, and I found an owner for each variant within a few days. So I can now say I own some Urban Decay, a brand which isn’t available in South Africa and therefore one of my greatest temptations. There are currently two items available exclusively from Rubybox for VIP shoppers (an eyeshadow palette and eyeshadow primer potion set), and I’m hoping they will expand on the range in due course.

Little Sins Eyeshadow Primer Potion Set

Of the four options I chose the primer potion in Sin, a champagne shimmery primer which doubles as a highlighting tool. My favourite In the Light eyeshadow palette from Stila, which I use nearly every day, is pretty awesome in its staying power. But sometimes if I don’t put anything on my lids beforehand the metallic shades crease up a bit.

I can now understand why there are four primers in the set. After testing my version out I wished I could start playing with the others, but unfortunately they weren’t mine to mess with. It is easy enough to apply. Even though the weirdly angled wand doesn’t seem to pick up much product, I suppose it is shaped that way to make it easier to get into the crease of your lid. I smooth it out with my fingers and it leaves a pale gold shimmer, not unlike eyeshadow itself. If I were running late I could run out the house without actually applying shadow because this doubles as both. It is also quite useful for dotting along the tops of your cheek bones as a highlighter.

So does it work? Well, it works for me! Often if it touch my eyelids they feel a bit oily by the afternoon, but with the primer under my shadow I did a lot of touch tests and my eyelids felt dry and powdery. So it is definitely mattifying and stops your shadow from creasing. I took a photo in the morning after applying the primer, and again in the afternoon to show how my shadow had not budged at all. I specifically used a metallic shadow, as those are the ones which are often guilty of creasing.


There are only things I don’t quite like about it. Firstly, because it is metallic it really shows up every tiny bump or flaw. So if you have a few bumpy bits, having recently plucked some stray hairs for example, they will unfortunately be highlighted. I wouldn’t mind having a matte version for those occasions. Secondly, it makes blending smudge crayons (like the Clinique chubby stick for eyes, or the Stila Smudge Crayon) very difficult. Powder shadows are absolutely fine to blend, but it seems to stop the crayon formulas from smudging properly.


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